One Power and One Presence

By Rev. Duke Tufty

Using the latest technological advancements, we can observe the inner depths of our physical presence.

Beyond the physical there is a common energy, a spirit that is the very essence of life. We call this spirit God, and it permeates everything in the universe as well as every cell in our bodies.

Yet one of the greatest misperceptions that plague us at times is that God is separate from us. Having a sense of separation from God can leave us feeling helpless, hopeless and fearful in regard to the more difficult situations we face in life. Living in this illusion of separation from God, we often turn to the world around us in search of something to sustain us, give us courage, or to depend on for strength, only to be let down in the long run.

Strengthening Your Relationship With God
There are two basic ways that we can strengthen our relationship with God. The first is to have an understanding of God that moves beyond myth to an awareness of the God Presence within as love given unconditionally and continually. The spirit of God within never leaves, never withholds from us that which we need, and never condemns us as unworthy. To truly know our oneness with God is to move from our mind to our heart, because it is from the consciousness of love that we resonate with the presence of God within.

The second way to strengthen your relationship with God is to have absolute trust in God. When problems appear to abound and challenges seem to overwhelm you, remain confident and secure. During the most difficult of times, have faith, hope, love, strength and peace of mind as you turn to God, and affirm God's presence and supply. That which is needed will be provided.

There is one Presence and Power in the universe and in our lives. As we believe in God and trust in God, our cup shall truly overflow.

Rev. Duke Tufty is the senior minister at Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri.