Open Up to God!

By Mary Kupferle

Health, strength, peace, well-being in your mind, body and emotions, better conditions in your home, success in your personal life and affairs, awareness and expression of your potential and abilities, better relationships with others—all this and infinitely more is yours when you open up to God.

Wonderful and even miraculous things begin happening to you as you open up to God, as you accept the Truth that God's power is present, available and real. God is ready to refresh, revitalize and revive you in every phase of being. God is saying to you: I have chosen thee … Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God; I will strengthen thee; I will help thee (Isa. 41:9, 10 A.V.).

Perhaps you face some challenge in your life and you are thinking, “I can't make it through on my own power. I don't have the courage and the faith to keep on.” If so, take heart and remember that you are far more than you seem to be. You have spiritual powers at your command that rush to your aid when you open up to God—your help, your supply, your support.

God's power within you supports your highest desires, undergirds your being, sustains your life, opens doors, lifts all burdens, dissolves all blocks, clears every path, bursts all bonds—as you open up to it.

… If you have become fearful about any condition in your life, you have simply closed yourself to the ever-present Source that frees and heals you. Become quiet within and open up to the presence and power on high—to the Self of you above and beyond your limited-appearing self. As you tarry, listening within, waiting expectantly, the light you desire will come through.

Do not be discouraged but take time daily to be still, to tarry in a peaceful attitude. Say softly to yourself: Open up, my soul, open up to God. Your whole being will respond, and good will flow through you from the inner fount of Spirit.

When you open up to God, you may be guided to take positive action. … In my own personal challenges, I find that God works in many wonderful ways if I will become quiet, listen and receive. Often I find it necessary to speak to myself with firm insistence: Open up, open up, open up to God! This method helps me to gain the full attention of my sometimes resistant human self. As a result, remarkable healing and blessing have come through time and again.

A friend once mentioned the necessity for providing the right kind of environment for healing, a conditioned environment, conditioned through affirmation and prayer. He took an acorn from his pocket, commenting with a smile, “This acorn is capable of being transformed into an oak tree, but it won't happen in my pocket!”

… Whatever your longing—peace, healing, joy, love, life, supply—it is available and waiting your conditioned consciousness of prayer, prayer that is conditioned by tarrying, listening, and expecting power from on high.

There is no situation, no condition of mind or body that can resist the invitation of the spiritually persistent call: Open up, open up, open up to God!

Mary Kupferle was an ordained Unity minister and renowned author. The following is an excerpt from her book God Will See You Through.