Personal Transformation

Whenever change occurs in your life, whether you initiate the change or it is imposed on you by circumstances, the best place to start is by turning within and opening your heart to God in prayer.

As you center yourself in prayer, you become more receptive to the "still small voice" of God that offers guidance and fills you with the strength, courage, and confidence to meet any challenge. Prayer helps you tap into the wisdom of God, a source of limitless knowledge and insight. Allow your prayer time to offer a fresh perspective on all that is before you.

A wonderful sense of well being and peace can be found in the quiet of prayer. From these precious moments of prayer, you can also summon incredible energy and determination to achieve your goals.

Once you have spent time in prayer communing with God, you're ready for the next steps in the transformational process. Here are some suggestions to utilize a time of personal transformation and spiritual awakening:

  • Visualize in your mind's eye the person you want to be. Remember that your thoughts shape your reality.
  • Consider spiritual partnering. Cultivate a support system of people who genuinely care about you and want to help you succeed.
  • Use the spiritual tools of affirmation and meditation.
  • Start a journal to help you become more self-aware and see the progress you are making.
  • Take the action necessary to move toward greater growth and healing.
  • Acknowledge the loss that accompanies change and transformation. Give yourself permission to feel the broad spectrum of emotions you are bound to experience such as fear, sadness, anxiety, and gratitude.
  • Pat yourself on the back as you put your goals into practice. Treat yourself with the same kind of compassion you would like to receive from others. Realize that personal transformation is a lifelong process. Continue to integrate change as you give birth to more dreams and seek fulfillment of them.