The Power of Learning to Live Intentionally

By Meghan LeVota
learning to live intentionally, Living an Intentional Life

When You Are Ready to Start Living Intentionally, the Right Tools Will Help You Build Good Habits

What would you do if you truly believed that every step you take could make an impact? How much of your life would stay the same as it is right now? How much of your life would you choose to live differently?

Learning to live intentionally is about deliberately taking each step forward to further align with your purpose. It’s about matching up your real life with your dream life. It’s possible, but it requires taking the action necessary to make that happen.

It’s Totally Normal to Be Scared

Some people feel afraid to live their life intentionally. You may not feel like you have an impact, or perhaps, you don’t want to set yourself up for disappointment. What if I set an intention to live a life full of joy, and something goes wrong? What if I take a courageous step toward my wildest dreams, and they don’t come true?

These are rational fears to have—because, of course, life is not predictable. But living an intentional life isn’t about predicting the future. It’s about being deliberate about the things that are within your control. And with the grace of God, you can face those fears and create miracles in your life today.

Things will always go wrong, whether you are living intentionally or not. But, being intentional allows your brain to be alert to opportunities so you can jump on them at just the right moment. Spirit will show itself to you when you are looking. Do you desire more prosperity in your life? With a little intentionality, you can invest the time in looking for new job opportunities or business ventures.

Be Alert and Keep an Open Mind

Intentional living is choosing to be alert to your desires by keeping an open mind. Choosing to keep your eyes peeled for what brings you joy is one of the biggest gifts that you can give to yourself. Without it, we can be blind to opportunity, numb to our desires, and afraid to be proactive about our dreams.

Although I know there is a lot that you desire, setting intentions for yourself doesn’t have to be a daunting process. It’s as easy as giving yourself five minutes of reflection each day. Being intentional is a state of mind that you can choose to turn on or off.

There is no right or wrong way to be intentional, but there are tools you can use to help you habitually set intentions.

Tools for Living More Intentionally

  1. Set an intention first thing in the morning.
    Tune in to your heart space first thing in the morning, and then carry this energy with you throughout the day. Try a tool like the Intention Planner to discover the emotions you wish to feel today.
    The Intention Planner from Unity is a tool for learning to live intentionally
    Focus on and write the intention that makes your whole body sing. On the left, you can journal a sentence or two about your intention for that day. You can plan one day or a whole week at one time.
  2. Set an intention right before bed.
    Take five minutes to reflect on your day. What positive aspects of your day would you like to bring with you tomorrow? Focus your intention on the emotions you’d like to feel.
  3. Set an intention while brushing your teeth.
    Every time you brush your teeth, repeat your intention in your brain over and over like a mantra.

    This can help you remember to keep your intentions top of mind during your daily life. For example, if you are seeking more belonging in your life, you might repeat to yourself: I want to belong.

  4. Set an intention during your lunch break.
    While you are chewing your salad during lunch, put down your phone and pick up a pen. Take five minutes to journal about how your day is going so far. Take a deep breath in and out. If you are more of a doodler, you can use a vision board tool for goal-setting and imagining your plans for the day or the week.
  5. Set an intention every Sunday evening.
    If setting an intention every day seems too difficult for now, you can start by thinking about it on a weekly basis. With a small step each week, you can build on this habit. One incredibly powerful tool you can use is Intention Dice.
    The Intention Dice from Unity is a tool for learning to live intentionally
    Roll the dice together or one at a time. Focus on how the words hit you. Which word sticks out to you the most? Allow yourself five minutes to meditate on that emotion. Then throughout the week, keep that intention in your mind as you go about your routine.

Building an intentional life takes practice, building habits, and awareness. Change may feel daunting because you may feel like you can no longer predict what is going to happen. But with the tools to support you, you can take steps today to begin learning to live intentionally and within your purpose.

Not Sure Which Intentions to Set for Yourself?

Here are some intention examples you can try:

  • Meditate more often
  • Connect more with nature, less with electronics
  • Spend more time with friends or reach out to old friends
  • Pray more
  • Connect with my body through exercise, like walking or yoga
  • Eat more whole foods
  • Get out of my comfort zone—try new things, date, meet new people
  • Find ways to be more helpful and productive at work
  • Build my creative life
  • Engage with my community and support my neighbors

Meghan LeVotaMeghan LeVota is a social media specialist at Unity World Headquarters. With a background in journalism and digital multimedia, LeVota is currently pursuing a degree in organizational psychology. A student of metaphysics and New Thought, LeVota shares her insights as a mentor and on her YouTube channel. Follow her @MeghanLeVota.