The Power of the Spoken Word—Part 2

By Mary-Alice and Richard Jafolla

Excerpted from The Quest

Like an Old Cart Horse

There is no doubt that all words affect us, but it is our own words which affect us the most. Whether we make our statements kiddingly or seriously, our words have impact. The subconscious has no sense of humor. It doesn't know the difference between your jokingly referring to yourself as "such a dope" and your actually thinking that you are a dope. The subconscious is like an old cart horse, to which a "giddy-up" means "get going." The horse doesn't know if it is said kiddingly or seriously. All it knows is that when it hears those words, it is time to obey.

Words Are Mirrors

The words you use reflect your state of consciousness, but they are more than that. They are the very cause of the maintaining of that consciousness. So, if you tell yourself, "You messed up again. You really are worthless," you are not only affirming your present sense of worth, you are setting the parameters of your worth for the future: Today's words become tomorrow's reality.

To constantly lament, for example, in the midst of an economic recession: ''I'm really worried about my money. I just know I'm going to get laid off and lose everything" is to dwell on lack and fear. Such words crystallize your negative thoughts, but even more than that, since you are a cocreator with God, the words you speak direct the creative power of Infinite Mind.

God has no hands or feet or vocal cords or eyes or ears, but you do, and you manipulate your physical world with these attributes. However, God works with you. Having given you free will, God is willing to carry out whatever plan you have for yourself. Therefore, you are cocreator with God. You cocreate your own world by linking your mind with Divine Mind. That link comes through your words. Your words tell God, the Ultimate Creative Intelligence, just what it is that you want.

If you want prosperity and abundance in your world, speak only words of prosperity and abundance. If you want peace in your world, speak only words of peace. If you want love in your world, speak only words of love. (The power of the laser is in its coherence—all light particles are in phase-all are traveling in exactly the same direction!)

This is not a denial of the fact that there is less than abundance and peace and love in your world. On the contrary, it is simply declaring to the universe and to yourself just what it is that you want.

Solo Versus Symphony

Knowing the mighty potential locked up in every spoken word, you can surmise the even greater potential intrinsic in words spoken in concert, words spoken together by groups. 

Just as performing a beautiful violin piece gives it more power than merely thinking about it, words become more empowered when spoken aloud. We hear them and feel them, whether violin solo or words, and become emotionally invested in them. 

How much more emotion, more power, when the violin is joined by a full symphony orchestra! And how much more emotion and power when we speak the word with others, when a like-minded group affirms a statement of truth with passion and intensity. A new and even greater dimension of energy and power is generated as the group speaks together as one great soul. What a phenomenal force is created. It is as if a group of lasers got together and became one great laser beam. Words spoken like this can have astounding effects.

As a group, we can speak words of healing, comfort, strength, peace, harmony or whatever we desire—for an individual in the group, for the group as a whole, or for an individual or group in some other place. (Time and space are not factors when we speak positive words for others. The spoken word is so powerful that it cuts right through distance and time in a way which science cannot yet fully explain.)

Your Words, Your Life

There is a wonderful story about a wise teacher of truth who was walking through the woods with his students when they came upon the partially decomposed carcass of a dead deer. The students, in an attempt to protect their teacher from seeing such a repulsive sight, tried to steer him around it. But the teacher would not alter his direction. When he came upon the deer, he looked it over carefully and said,

"My, what beautiful antlers."

He chose to look past the obvious and express the beautiful. He didn't dwell on the decomposed flesh but rather on the noble antlers, so his words were not of repulsion but of loveliness.

We can do the same with our lives. Certainly we can find enough ugliness around us if we care to look for it, but there is also an abundance of beauty. Which do you want in your world? The words you speak determine which it will be.

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