A Priceless Gift

By Nicole Cappello
A Priceless Gift

When I went to school, I had a teacher who told us about a Christmas party she went to where nobody really knew each other. She never told how this was organized or how the people found each other. That wasn’t important. What she told us left such a desire in me that I could never forget her story. She said that everyone was supposed to bring a gift but it was forbidden to bring anything materialistic. I was really young at the time and had, unfortunately, grown up in a very materialistic environment, so my first thought was, What? What could you bring then?

That night in bed I tried to think of gifts one doesn’t buy. First I thought of handcrafted gifts. That whole night I was knitting in my dreams, but when I woke I realized that was not the answer because I would have to buy the wool. So what could I give if I had to attend a Christmas party like the one my teacher described? I thought of baking cookies. No, I would have to spend money on the ingredients. I was getting so frustrated. I couldn’t think of anything.

The following night I woke up and my heart was beating like crazy. I found it. I had it in me, this gift I could give. I could tell a story! I pictured myself going to this Christmas party, sitting down with everybody on the floor in a warm and cozy room that was completely decorated. Then I told a story to the people, and they liked it so much.  Well, at that moment I envisioned all the others and had no problem thinking of gifts they could give.  Someone sang “Silent Night.” One man surprised us with a “shadow” game. It was magic, all the “animals” he could make with his hands.  A girl danced like a ballerina.  It was all so much fun!

Although my imaginary party was long ago, I now realize that I receive so many wonderful gifts every single day, which I probably would not have recognized if it weren’t for that teacher’s story.  What a priceless gift she gave me!

Reprinted from the December 1996 issue of Unity Magazine®.