The Secret Place, Part 2

By Rev. Allen Liles

Continued from Part 1.

Finding the Secret Place

How do we transport ourselves to this secret place? How do we obtain divine access? And, once entrance has been accomplished, how do we rest and dwell in it continuously? Another worrisome question is this: Once we have achieved it, can we ever actually lose the sacred key that unlocks the secret place?

Finding our center of peace begins with identifying the proper physical setting. Somewhere in our material world exists a space already prepared for us.

Our job is to find it. This holy ground may be a chair, a couch, a room, a window ledge, or a front or back porch, or it may be a place outside under a tree, in a garden or flowers, or in a thousand other places. When we arrive at our holy place, a preparation occurs. We become ready to enter the silence.

In this silence is where our connection to God begins. We commence detaching from the noises around us and start aligning ourselves with the calmness at the center of our being. This journey to oneness with Spirit remains uniquely ours. No one soul ever travels exactly the same path as another. We may reach our spiritual center slowly or almost at once. The pace does not matter, only that we consciously begin our search for the Presence.

Simply resting in the silence can be daunting for many spiritual travelers. Our busy minds often lack the ability to let go and allow Spirit to enter our consciousness. Most or us have a human need to control our thoughts. Allowing that habit of control to dissipate calls for spiritual maturity and trust. Yet our inner awareness of God cannot happen until true surrender occurs.

To find the secret place, we must leave the outside world to its own devices. We set aside all cares and anxieties. In our goal to be ultimately joined with God-Mind, all extraneous noise must be stilled. Many people use a special word, phrase, or passage of Scripture to facilitate their detachment from the outer world. Whatever the method, stillness eventually must prevail. The busy mind retreats perhaps reluctantly but retreat it must for access to be granted.

Once this mental cleansing takes place, our actual journey begins. We venture forth toward the secret place of the Most High. There we receive purification. God's strength, power, and wisdom purify all doubt, fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. The negative pollution that usually saturates our thoughts is swept away. We link our conscious mind with the super consciousness that forever dwells at the center of our innate spirituality. We rise to another level and discover our higher self.

This is the self that readily beholds the Christ in all people and situations. It is the self that abhors judgment of others and lives in a constant state of forgiveness, protection, and grace. In this elevated space, the secret place becomes a reality. The still, small voice can appear as a companion and guide as we move into this blessed sanctuary of peace. We experience a true realization of God by either feeling or actually hearing the expressed presence of Spirit. By listening at the depth of our being, we avail ourselves of the knowledge of the ages.

How can we know that this inner voice truly speaks from on high? If the message contains thoughts of hope, courage, comfort , strength, wisdom, encouragement, and love, we are indeed connected to our Source.

Once we complete this time of rest in the secret place, the moment comes when we must return to the material world. Preparing to mentally exit such a center of calmness and tranquility may be difficult. But we can now return to our physical world renewed and refreshed. However, before we depart this inner refuge, there remains a need for thanksgiving. We have indeed received an important gift. While the secret place has no fee of admission, an expression of gratitude is needed and appropriate. A simple “Thank You, God” always suffices. We have dwelled in the presence and protection of the one Spirit and one Presence in the universe.

When and how often can we return to the secret place of the Most High? It is our choice. We can travel to the chapel of silence anytime we desire. God always welcomes our entrance into this extraordinary kingdom. Every minute spent communing with Spirit brings us closer to spiritual perfection. Finally a time may arrive when we live more in the secret place of the Most High than in the outer realm. When that moment emerges, a lifetime of peace and safety becomes more possible.

We rest continually in the light, love, power, and presence of God, knowing that all is well. We face our daily distractions, anxieties, and challenges with the assurance that our place of protection is only a prayer away.

Allen Liles

Rev. Allen Liles is an author and longtime Unity minister. His new book is called Sitting With God: Meditating for God's Divine Guidance.