The Simple Life, Part II

By Jim Rosemergy

The simple life is a life of love. This life of love is complicated when we believe that we do not possess love and must receive it from another person. We ignore the truth that God is love and that we are made in God's image and after God's likeness. Love is our nature, and if we are to experience it, we must allow its imprisoned splendor to escape from within us. This is why Jesus commanded us to love one another. No one discovers love by see king it from others. This only complicates life. Life is simplified when we are more willing to express love than to get love.

Nevertheless, there is a good feeling when someone tells us he or she loves us; however, this docs not compare with the experience of loving unconditionally. Watch a child on Christmas morning and you'll find that the little one is excited about receiving gifts, But observe that same child carefully when an adult opens a gift which the child has prepared. You can see in the child's eyes the special gift of love that is escaping from the heart of God within. It is not because of the many presents he or she has received, but because of the present given.

The simple life is a life of thanksgiving. “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice” (Phil. 4:4). When things we like happen to us and we give thanks, we are courteous and polite. But anyone can do this.

In fact, if our gratitude depends upon what happens to us, life will be a series of ups and downs. The simple life is a life of thanksgiving, because our joy does not depend upon the world. Our joy and gratitude do not originate in conditions, but rise from our relationship with God.

Imagine the wonder of life when we carry with us a sense of thankfulness. The Lord is always with us, and if this is the seat of our joy, then joy will always be as close as our willingness to experience God's presence. If we have temporarily lost joy, we know where to find it. Actually, we realize that we have lost more than joy: we have lost contact with God. Let us come full circle and seek again the kingdom of God.

God awaits us. When we find God, we will live the simple life. No one can tell what lies ahead, but as we center into this mystery, we will find all we have ever sought. In the past, we believed our desires would be fulfilled in the world. Now we know that they are fulfilled in God.

Commit yourself to knowing God through prayer. Let love flow from within you. Try to accomplish nothing by yourself; rather, let God be God in your life and you will inherit the earth. And finally, discover that in whatever state you find yourself, you are content. Look for this feeling of contentment and thanksgiving. When it is present—even though conditions are not ideal—you are living the simple life.

Do not think that a life of inactivity awaits you. God always puts to work those who are willing. Some people become well known to the world, but most are like you and me—quiet, simple people who have responded to God's love for us by pulling the human experience in its proper perspective. At times, our daily lives demand our attention, and things are complicated. But after a while, we always return to God and the simple life.

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Ordained a Unity minister in 1976, Rev. Jim Rosemergy currently serves as the senior minister of Unity of Fort Myers, Florida. Jim has held leadership rolls for Unity Worldwide Ministries and Unity Institute® . He is a regular columnist for Unity Magazine® and the author of 13 books, including Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay and The Gathering. Reprinted from the Unity booklet, Simple Living: When Less Is More.