Speak To Me, Holy Spirit

By Charles Fillmore
Speak To Me, Holy Spirit

Reprinted from Atom-Smashing Power of Mind

We may take it for granted on the basis of many Scripture passages that all of us who accept God as an associate in life are consciously in intimate contact with the Holy Spirit. However it will strengthen our faith and greatly add to the effectiveness of the Holy Spirit in its work with us if we understand its character and the law under which it cooperates with us in the development of mind, body, and affairs.

Theologians differ in their conceptions of the Holy Spirit. Some define it as a principle, but the majority refer to it as "He"; that is, as the third person of the Trinity. In the Scriptures it is named variously. In Genesis 1:2 (KJV) it is spoken of as "the Spirit of God" moving upon the face of the waters. We read in Job 33:4: “The spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life."

Bible authorities (Scofield, for example) say that wherever the name El Shaddai occurs in the Hebrew Scriptures it should have been translated "Nourisher" or "Strength-giver," which in Hebrew is the feminine name for God. This verse may be read: "The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the mother gives me life."

In Psalm 104:30 it is written, "When you send forth your spirit." The Spirit is omnipresent, as revealed in the 139th Psalm: "Where can I go from your spirit? Or where can I flee from your presence?"

Read all this psalm for a comprehension of the universality of the Holy Spirit's work in the creation of humankind and its evolution …

All the divine perfection that exists in the universal Jehovah-Mind can be brought into direct contact with its image and likeness, the Christ, imprinted in the beginning in each individual. As human beings develop spiritually they-release, round out, and fully express that divine perfection which is potentially in each soul.

The affirmation of any good statement of health puts us in conscious contact with the Christ Mind universal and quickens and releases the energy stored up in the subconscious mind, and the process of rejuvenation begins its work …

A textbook on the redemption or reconstruction of humankind should cover every phase of human character. Human egotism should be repressed; humankind's spiritual identity exalted. Remedies for the greatest evils of humanity should be given plentifully, and the lesser evils minimized.

Our Scriptures, plus the guidance of "the Spirit of truth" recommended by Jesus, form such a textbook for Christians. In this combination is found instruction fitted to the needs of the multitude. The timid and fearful read, "Be strong and of good courage, and act. Do not be afraid or dismayed; for the Lord God, my God, is with you" (1 Chron. 28:20) …

Christian metaphysicians have discovered that we can greatly accelerate the growth in ourselves of the Christ Mind by using affirmations that identify us with the Christ. These affirmations often are so far beyond the present attainment of the novice as to seem ridiculous, but when it is understood that the statements are grouped about an ideal to be attained, they seem fair and reasonable.

Charles Fillmore, cofounder of Unity, was an innovative thinker and a pioneer in metaphysical thought at a time when most religious thought in America was entirely orthodox. He was a lifelong advocate of the open, inquiring mind, and he took pride in keeping abreast of the latest scientific and educational discoveries and theories.