The Spirit Gives Life

A happy face, an enthusiasm for life, an energy that achieves worthwhile things—all these kindle our admiration when we see others expressing them. As we delight in every evidence of good health that we observe in others, we may even wish that we had the same zest for living.

Changing our thoughts about our bodies can bring us a new consciousness of life and health. By thinking and praying positively, we develop a firm realization of the spiritual quality of life and a better understanding of Jesus’ words, “It is the spirit that gives life” (Jn. 6:63).

“In what way do you think of your body?” asked a Unity writer. “Do you think of it as a temple of the living God, as composed of spiritual substance, as having light and life in every cell and atom? How do you see yourself? As weak and subject to disease or as a spiritual being, one with the life of God, filled through and through with changeless, eternal life?”

The truth about you is that you are a spiritual being, empowered with the life, wholeness, and vitality of God. The real substance of your body is spiritual; the real nature of your being is spiritual. If you are to be strong, healthy, and enthusiastic about life, recognize in yourself all the spiritual qualities that make you so. Remember, “It is the spirit that gives life.”

Right now, right where you are, start with the realization that you are God's perfect child, and feel God's healing life welling up within you. Along with positive, life-stirring thoughts about your body, consider its needs—rest, nourishment, and exercise. Pray for guidance, and you will know exactly what you should do to have good health and the happiness and achievement that accompany it.

Your body is a temple of the living God, composed of spiritual substance and filled with divine intelligence. As you believe this, truly believe it, you will find that you feel stronger, healthier, and more confident. You will see your body as it truly is—the temple of God's spirit, the temple of health and perfection.

Our love enfolds you as we pray for healing. We see you blessed with new vitality, joyous enthusiasm, and perfect health. We know that you are one with the healing, renewing life of God and that it is at work within you now.