Spirituality and Stress

By Jesse Herriott, M.A.
Spirituality and Stress

A spiritual approach to living does not make you immune to stress. However, choosing to practice spiritual awareness can shorten the time in which you experience seeming moments of pressure or tension.  As author Thomas Moore powerfully reminds us, “It is by submerging yourself into the experiences of life, work, marriage and family that you truly engage in spiritual practice.”

The key word is practice. Spiritual practice is a repetitive, habitual expression you consciously engage in every day. Furthermore, there isn’t a right or wrong way of “practicing”; your soul will guide you into experiences that are in alignment with your need to grow and evolve.

The Book of Acts, chapter 17, verse 28 says that “in him we live move and have our being.” The verse suggests there is no spot where the Infinite is not present; therefore, God will meet you where you are. If you choose to see the Infinite as impulses firing at you, instead of shifting your perspective to see them as God expressing through you, you will experience suffering.

Life challenges you to evolve and transform into the luminous being that you are meant to be. Experiencing various degrees of stress is a necessary part of the human experience.  Remember that you are a channel of luminosity seeking to know and express itself. The rate of expansion can be overwhelming at times. So when you feel the rush of emotions flood your body, take a deep breath and let them pass through you. Make a conscious choice to perceive reality as a set of experiences working together for your good. Go through it and grow through it; your light will shine a bit brighter because of it!

Jesse Herriott is a spiritual writer and teacher. He has been an associate minister, college professor, and today he lectures widely on spiritual psychology, Christian mysticism and the Bible. Jesse is in the process of completing Ph.D. studies in spiritual psychology at Sofia University (formally known as the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology). He hosts a weekly spiritual psychology program on Unity Online Radio entitled Living on Purpose. Learn more at globaltruthseekers.com and jesseherriott.com.