Talk It Over With God

By Mary L. Kupferle

Is something upsetting and disturbing you, dear friend? Talk it over with God. Talk about it freely with God. Tell God your doubts or fears or apprehensions, and He will respond and bring new courage, reassurance, and peace. If you are feeling hurt or disappointed in some area of your life or in a relationship, talk it over with God. Pour out your frustrations or feelings of anger, grief, resentment, or unhappiness.

Tell God exactly how you feel and why, everything you hold within your heart. Give God all of your pent-up emotions without hesitation, and God will, in turn, open His great heart of love for you. God will reveal to you the healing solution for every difficulty in your life!

Talk it over with God as you drive to work. Talk it over with God as you sit in business meetings. Talk it over with God as you pursue each daily chore or as you walk down the street. Talk it over with God as you seek right decisions about finances, look for a job, help a family member. Momently, hourly, daily, talk it over with God. You will be led to the right paths of healing, supply, and happiness, and to the desirable channels of helpfulness and support.

Make it a practice to talk over everything first with God, whether it be of small or great importance. Become a habitual communicator with the source of all wisdom, the provider of all supply, the giver of every good and perfect gift. Establish lines of communication each day—yes, moment by moment—so that you begin to feel more and more in God’s presence and aware of the fullness of God’s joy as you listen for His response.

As you remember to talk to God instead of flaring in anger or impatience, you will be amazed at the calm and peace you feel. As you talk to God instead of indulging in self-pity over unhappy circumstances, you will be surprised at the upliftment. By turning to God when you feel low or grievous or unworthy or inadequate and telling God that you are counting on Him to help you surmount such feelings, you will find immediate relief and comfort. …

There is nothing you can say that will offend God. There is nothing you cannot express openly, candidly, completely, for God is total understanding. God is love, and you are God’s beloved. Talk it over with God. He has good for you beyond your present concept if you will but begin to communicate and honestly speak out and listen for His guidance.

Talk it over with God even though you feel your words are inadequate and you seem to be speaking to the empty air. Remember not to become discouraged if you are unable, at first, to hear or feel a response. Keep on talking, keep on listening, and be assured that God’s presence is there. The answers will come through in their divinely ordered times and ways. Give God the time and opportunity to answer you as you hold to your faith in continuing communication. God’s great love not only will understand but also will honor your honesty and effort.

The more frequently you talk with God, the greater will be your comprehension of God’s guidance and the ways in which He responds. You will begin to hear God’s voice more clearly as a natural inner urging, indicating the action to be taken. You will find that doors to your good open as easily and spontaneously as the rising and setting of the sun—and they will be that bright and sure and beautiful! …

Begin now, dear friend, to start the flow of communication. Talk over everything, everything, with God without delay. The answers will come through. The solutions will be found. You will move into new blessings of enrichment and healing. “In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths” (Prov. 3:6).

Talk it over with God, and miracles will abound!

Excerpted from Mary L. Kupferle's book Trust in the Goodness of God. Since 1944, Kupferle's articles have appeared in Unity Magazine®, Daily Word®, and other Unity publications.