Think Yourself Thin

By Eric Butterworth
Think Yourself Thin

Let's talk about diet and reducing. Why do we experience the nagging hunger for food? What controls our appetite? The answer is really simple: our mental state, our consciousness. When you crave certain foods, it is because your mental attitude has created a demand for the food that will make your body reflect the image of yourself in consciousness. You have a certain impression of yourself subconsciously and the food you eat is used by your body cells to sustain that subconscious image. These body cells are by nature willing servants of the mind.

It is for this reason that dieting seldom produces the desired results. You may starve yourself and lose a few reluctant pounds. But if your self-image is “too stout,” you will eventually give in to your appetite and eat what you crave, thus becoming as stout as ever. The craving for food is but the mind faithfully working to outpicture the image in mind. Thin people usually do not eat enough of the fat-producing elements. They are not attracted to them, and actually may dislike them.

What frustrations are experienced by the person who is trying to reduce! He tried “reducing pills,” fad diets,” and “blitz diets”; he misses meals and starves himself to lose a pound or two, which he quickly regains when he returns to his normal diet. Life is one constant struggle, with himself and his uncontrollable hungers. He never eats a bit of food without thinking, “This will make me fat.” He is always hungry. He is always thinking about food, and the more he thinks the hungrier he becomes. The more he denies himself certain foods, the more they become an obsession with him. And although he tries to reduce, he holds a mental image of excess weight, and the body works faithfully to reproduce his mental image, creating the desire and hunger and craving for the very foods which will create and sustain the larger bulk.

Diets notwithstanding, your thoughts create your condition. How can we lose weight and achieve the beauty and symmetry and youthfulness of body that we desire? Think thin! When you are thinking fat, the craving for rich foods only increases as you eat them. But when you think thin, the craving disappears. Think thin and when you eat you will have a satisfied feeling for a normal length of time. Think thin and you will find that you can take your thoughts off food completely. Think thin and you will find yourself eating less than you did when you tried so hard to do without. You can think yourself thin!

Here is a treatment that you might use as a mental diet. Take this spiritual food into your consciousness each day and within three weeks you will forget about the problem of weight: I am a strong, confident, disciplined child of God. I am established today in the awareness that my body is the temple of the living God. All the functions of my body are harmonized, and every organ is doing its perfect work in a perfect way. I am receptive and responsible this day to the divine intelligence within me which knows the needs of my body temple. I will eat sensibly, exercise regularly, and rest sufficiently. I am free from hidden hungers that might lead to excess in eating or drinking. God's love deep within me satisfies my longing heart and fills my soul and body with all that they require to make my life full and complete. My appetite and assimilation of food are in divine order, and my body manifests the symmetry and perfection of God whose expression I am. I see myself in the mirror of Truth, beholding the perfect, ideal form and shape that I desire to express in my body. I see myself thin and healthy and satisfied. Today I will think thin!

Eric Butterworth was an ordained Unity minister and author of numerous articles and books. The following excerpt is from his book Celebrate Yourself!