Thoughts Are Body-Wide Events

By Mary-Alice and Richard Jafolla

We can't taste them, touch them, or see them, but thoughts are things. Real things. Although they originate in the brain, they are much more far-reaching than that. Thoughts are actually body-wide events! 

For example, let's consider for a moment what happens to the body when we think a fear thought. Asleep in our bed we're awakened by a strange noise downstairs. We sense trouble. The brain shouts "fear!" Immediately major physiological changes begin taking place in the body. Large amounts of adrenalin are released, the heart rate increases, significant quantities of blood are diverted to the large muscles, digestion slows down, and pupils dilate, as the body prepares for "fight or flight."

But what started all of this? A thought—a fear thought in this case.

Or how about a joyful thought? Changes also take place in the body with joy-filled thoughts. In this case, body chemistry creates healthful physiological responses.

Every cell of the body is connected either by nerves or by an intricate highway of blood to the brain. When we think a though—any thought—electrical impulses travel through the nerves and affect body cells. 

Also, our thoughts trigger chemicals that are released in the brain and distributed through the blood vessels and the hundreds of miles of capillaries. Quite a communication system! When we realize that virtually every cell of the body is connected either directly or indirectly to the brain, we can easily understand how our thoughts can affect our physical health. How can they not?

Even with such an offhanded remark as, "That was a dumb thing to do; I’m such a jerk," we creating harmful "I'm-such-a-jerk" chemistry throughout our bodies. And if we think, "Nice job, I'm proud of myself," we are creating healthful 'Tm-proud-of-myself" chemistry in our bodies. It's as simple as that. Thoughts translate into body chemistry and affect us physically.

Whenever we think a thought. 100 trillion cells are listening! It's the largest audience in the world. It's important they get the "right" message.

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