Trust the Spirit Within

By Mary L. Kupferle
Trust the Spirit Within

Trust the Spirit within, dear friend, to help you relax and let go. Trust the Spirit within to increase your health, happiness, and contentment.

Trust the Spirit within to bring you refreshing rest, sleep, and renewal each night. Trust the Spirit within to reveal to you right companions and satisfying relationships. Trust the Spirit within to pave the way to effective action and enjoyable living.

Trust, truly trust, the Spirit within.

Your trust frees you from burdens and releases you from feelings of excessive responsibility. To trust the Spirit within enhances the working of your intellectual processes and helps you perceive when the suggestions of others are wise and right for you. To trust the Spirit within brings you inner freedom from heaviness of thought and emotion and lifts you above the strain of difficult striving.

Practice momently trusting the Spirit within to reveal to you what you need to know. Trust the Spirit within to direct you in helping your body adjust to healing, strengthening, rebuilding. Trust the Spirit within to guide you into the most helpful ways of communicating with your family, into relating successfully to any challenge in home or business. Trust the Spirit within to unfold your life plan, and trust the Spirit within those whom you love to unfold their life plan to them. …

Trust the Spirit within to give you the right ideas to solve anything in your life that needs solving. Trust the Spirit within to illumine your mind. Trust the Spirit within to heal your body. Trust the Spirit within to release you from limiting relationships or habits. Trust the Spirit within to free you from agitation or irritation in regard to the attitudes of others. Trust the Spirit within to quiet your impatience and bring new peacefulness to your soul. Trust the Spirit within to show you how to handle your business, to give you guidance in making decisions, to fill you with a feeling of well-being. …

Trust the Spirit within—within yourself, within others, within any situation or circumstance confronting you. Trust the Spirit within your business ventures, within everything around you, within the weather, the plane in which you fly, the car in which you drive, or the environment in which you live. If you think that your faith is not adequate or your belief not strong enough, start to build that faith and belief with these very words, saying them boldly and firmly: I trust the Spirit within.

Practice trusting God, practice trusting His presence in you, practice trusting God's presence in others. Practice and continue practicing. Repeat the words: I trust the Spirit within, then let go. Discipline yourself to affirm this at the very moment you become upset or disturbed about something. Use the wonderful tools of your mind and heart positively and constructively and stay with the affirmative attitude of trusting the Spirit within until you begin to feel an inner response. It will come. …

No matter how deep your difficulty appears to you, trust the Spirit within to guide you to victory. It will. If at first you find it a struggle to trust, trust anyway. If you feel that it is impossible for you to trust, trust anyway. If you think you cannot make the grade, trust the more. If you doubt your own ability, potential, or capacity of faith, just be the firmer and more insistent that you can trust the Spirit within. Trust again and again and again. Trust by the moment. Trust in the morning, trust every hour on the hour, trust at work and at rest. Trust yourself, trust others, trust life, trust the Spirit in everyone and in everything. The reality of the Spirit of God lies within all, worthy of trust. …

You, dear friend, stand upon the brink of your good at this moment. It is there, right where you are now. Begin to accept and receive it, first mentally and within your heart by fully trusting the Spirit within. Declare often, to deepen this acceptance: I trust the Spirit within. You will be following the direction of the One who knew the way to receive the very best of the kingdom of good. You will be launching into the deep with greater awareness of the good that lies ready and waiting for your acceptance in faith.

Trust the Spirit within!

Mary L. Kupferle was an ordained Unity minister. Since 1944, her articles have appeared in Unity Magazine, Daily Word, and other Unity publications. She has inspired millions of readers through her writings, including this excerpt from her book, God Will See You Through.