In Tune With Change!

By Mary L. Kupferle
In Tune With Change!

You can be in tune with change, dear friend, for there is a divine plan of good at work within change! No matter what you are facing in life, remind yourself: I am in harmony with life and in tune with change.

Begin to give yourself credit for having already moved through many changes. Remind yourself that you've already overcome many obstacles in your life and found the stamina, strength, and ability you've needed. You've learned to let go when you thought you couldn't. You’ve found that there are those who are ready to support and love you. You've continued to increase your faith. You've already been through thousands of changes and—whether you are aware of it or not—you've been enriched and blessed.

As a child of God, you are a child of change! You are a spiritual being continually becoming more and more aware of your innate divinity, wholeness, value, ability, and creativity. Whether you comprehend this in a great or small measure, the Truth is that you are naturally in harmony with life and in tune with change—and always will be.

Congratulate yourself for your progress, and take heart in knowing that there is more to you than meets the eye. You are a spiritually endowed and unconditionally loved child of God. Through this heritage, you're moving forward in self-discovery and finding the greatness of God, of life, and of you!

You may like some of the changes that are occurring in your life and feel happy about them. Other changes may bring on feelings of rebellion, uncertainty, and fear. Because of these changes, you may think that you've strayed off the pathway to your good. Yet you can be sure that you are never outside the encircling love of God's care and guidance. Accepting this Truth in faith, you will find peace and reassurance by reminding yourself: I am in harmony with life and in tune with change.

Yes, there is a Self within you that is one with God, You were born so that your "imprisoned splendor" might be released to fulfill its potential. No matter how you continue to change in outer ways, you are, as the image and likeness of God, "the same yesterday and today and forever" (Heb. 13:8).

There are, indeed, periods of change in life when you may need to release pent-up feelings of sadness or distress about yourself or a loved one. It is right for you to release these feelings, to be compassionate with yourself, and to allow yourself quiet times to know that God supports and sustains you.

You may wish—and naturally so—that you didn't have to go through a change or seemingly negative circumstance. Even Jesus prayed, "Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me" (Lk. 22:42). Yet it was when he was in total harmony with all that was happening to him, within him, and around him—in tune with every change takng place—that the greatest miracle of life occurred!

You have miracle-working power at hand when you know for yourself: I am in harmony with life and in tune with change. I know it is not always easy. There are times when challenges are not quickly removed or when the results you think are best do not immediately become a reality. Yet you are in tune with change when your mind and heart are quietly established upon your faith in God's love for you. In so doing, you will find any seeming difficulty will be turned into good! …

The Spirit of God within you—your indwelling real Self—is greater than any worldly change, greater than any outer change of any kind. As you keep on knowing: I am in harmony with life and in tune with change, you will find yourself in a flow of orderly, evolving good. Good will come in small and large degrees. It will come as you are quiet within and as you go about doing whatever needs to be done.

You will find yourself guided and directed by a strong but gentle Presence abiding within you. This Holy Spirit of you will lead you safely through any change in life and bring to you precious gifts that are far beyond the measure you hope for now.

You are a beloved child of God who is in tune with the good inherent within every change! Open your heart, mind, and hands in acceptance, for unfolding good awaits your acceptance.

Excerpted from Mary L. Kupferle's book Trust in the Goodness. Since 1944, Kupferle's articles have appeared in Unity Magazine®, Daily Word®, and other Unity publications.