Unity Books Wins Three Nautilus Book Awards

By Mallory Herrmann
Stations of the Cosmic Christ, Best of Small Press 2018, Nautilus Awards 2018, Unity Books Best of Small Press

Two Books win Best of Small Press, Gold, and Silver for the 2018 season

Nautilus Books has recognized books for a better world for the last twenty years. Each year, they honor the books that have contributed to conscious living, social change and social justice, and spiritual growth.

This year, Unity Books is delighted to be have been honored with three of the Nautilus Book Awards for the 2018 season.

Stations of the Cosmic Christ, Best of Small Press 2018, Nautilus Awards 2018, Unity Books Best of Small PressStations of the Cosmic Christ by Matthew Fox and Bishop Marc Andrus received the Best of Small Press award, as well as the gold award in the religion and spirituality of Western thought category.

Turn Me to Gold: 108 Poems of Kabir by Andrew Harvey and Brett Hurd received the silver award in the photography and art category.

“We are thrilled by this surprise award! Of course we think Stations of the Cosmic Christ is an exemplary book, but what an honor that Nautilus says it’s the best work they saw this year from the smaller publishing houses,” says Ellen Debenport, vice president of content and media strategy at Unity World Headquarters.

Highly regarded

Mary Belknap, director of Nautilus Books, said that both titles were highly regarded by the reviewers and the team of judges who made the final selections.

“One of the uniquenesses of the Nautilus program is that we accept books from the full spectrum of the publishing world,” she said, noting that they receive submissions from first-time and seasoned writers alike, from both small presses and major publishing houses.

Stations of the Cosmic Christ is a reflection of 16 sculptures by M.C. Richards and Ullrrich Javier Lemus. Combining illustrations and photographs of the sculptures with ecumenical prayer and practices, the book offers readers an opportunity to seek a more expansive understanding of Jesus Christ through meditation and reflection.

“I am grateful to Unity publishers for the opportunity to share the good news and empowerment inherent in the recovery of the Cosmic Christ or Buddha Nature or Image of God archetype,” says Fox.

Profoundly moving

Turn Me to Gold: 108 Poems of Kabir pairs Harvey’s collection of Kabir poetry with Hurd’s remarkable photographs of India. Kabir was an Indian poet and mystic of the 15th century. Today, his poems offer clarity and simplicity in an era of confusion and crisis.

“To win a Nautilus Award is profoundly moving and thrilling,” says Harvey. “I am also delighted the enormous efforts that Unity Books made to design such a book in the most timeless, modern way possible have been recognized and celebrated.”

Unity Online Radio host Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian, whose show The Yoga Hour airs on Thursdays at 10 a.m. CT, also won a silver award for her book, The Jewel of Abundance.

Mallory HerrmannMallory Herrmann is a writer and editor in the Kansas City area. Her work has been featured in Unity Magazine, Career College Central, and the Lee’s Summit Tribune.

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