What Are You Saying To Yourself?

By Martha Smock

What kind of conversation do you carry on with yourself? What are you saying to yourself right now?

You may say, “But I don’t go around talking to myself!” You may not think that you do, but you are continually telling yourself all kinds of things. These inner conversations are, of course, the thoughts you are thinking, the responses you are making, the attitudes you are accepting and projecting.

If you find your inner conversation with yourself running along negative lines, you have the power to change the subject, to think along different lines. This is where affirmations of Truth are wonderfully helpful. An affirmation of Truth can be like a conversation piece around which your thoughts center. An affirmation says simply and clearly that which is true and gives your thoughts a pattern, as it were, to follow.

You can change your life by changing the way you think and feel. You are doing this day by day, thought by thought, as you watch the kind of conversation you have with yourself, as you answer any tendency to be negative or fearful or depressed with positive, healing, powerful reminders of Truth.

If you are ever tempted to say to yourself about some situation that it looks impossible of solution, turn your thinking around and say to yourself, “I have faith that with God’s help there is a way for this situation to be solved for the blessing and benefit of all.’’ This kind of conversation with yourself will help rid you of worry and anxiety; it will help you release the situation into God’s care and know that in ways, which may not now be apparent, the right solution is being brought to light.

At any time you find yourself thinking in terms of weakness or ill-health, your affirmations of life and healing can be like a bracing conversation. The very cells of your body will listen to and accept ideas of life and strength.

Let everything in you affirm: “I know and believe that the healing, renewing life of God is in me. I am the healthy, free, perfect child of God. The life of God in me is now healing, restoring, and renewing every part. I live in the eternal life of God.”

Sometimes when we think about others, especially those near and dear to us, we may not find it easy to be at peace about them. We may find ourselves thinking of their needs, we may find ourselves feeling anxious about their well-being, we may find ourselves frustrated and unhappy because there seems to be nothing we can do to help a dear one. This is when we need to take a key idea of Truth, an affirmation of Truth, and make it the focal point of our thinking, the focal point of our conversation with ourselves.

One of the most helpful realizations we can have about another is simply this: “I behold the Christ in you.” What are we doing when we behold the Christ in another? We are seeing past the appearances, past the personal self, to the Christ in that one. We are seeing him or her as he or she truly is, a child of God, a spiritual being. 

When we behold the Christ in others, we are declaring our faith in the Spirit of God in them. We may not be able to see how they are going to solve problems or how they are going to find the happiness they are seeking, but we can have faith in the Christ to guide them, to bring light to their minds, joy to their hearts, wisdom to their ways. And if we are concerned about their health, we can know that Christ in them is healing life, that a healing work is being done in them now.

Sometimes people will carry on internal conversations that downgrade self-worth and ability. They may think of themselves as lacking in ability, or as inferior to others. No matter how capable they are, or how much they are appreciated by others, the kinds of thoughts they are thinking will tend to negate it, in their own minds at least.

Many persons have told us that they have been helped to accept a new thought about themselves through the day-by-day application of the ideas in Daily Word. Sometimes a particular affirmation has helped change the whole tenor of a person’s thought.

One person said that an affirmation, which appeared one day in Daily Word, did just this for him. It was: “God created me as me. I like myself.”

Others have found great inspiration and newness of thought in this affirmation: “I am the all-wise, all-loving, all-conquering child of God. I reign supreme in all the affairs of mind and body.” Certainly a realization like this is a far cry from thoughts of inferiority and unworthiness! But it is the truth! The more we think about and affirm our spiritual nature, the abler we are to express this nature, to be the kind of person we were created to be. God created us in the Divine image and likeness, and God loves us!

If you ever find yourself feeling down or depressed, you need to speak words of Truth to yourself that will change the trend of your thinking and feeling. Sometimes to think about just one word can be the starting point—a word like light or a word like joy.

It is not natural for you to be down or depressed. Everything in you responds to thoughts and ideas that lift your thinking, that turn your thoughts away from darkness, that help you, like the Psalmist, to lift up your eyes unto the hills.

“The joy of the Lord lifts me and strengthens me all day long.” An affirmation such as this can be like a theme song in your heart. Or an affirmation such as “I am poised and centered in the Christ Mind and nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul” can be like an undergirding of faith that sustains and strengthens you and keeps you beautifully serene.

Of all the conversations we carry on with ourselves, the ones that go over and over the past, that remind us of what we said or did, or failed to do or say, or of what someone else said or did, or failed to do or say, are probably the most destructive.

We do not want to carry along old hurts or grievances; we want to feel that the past is forgiven and forgotten—and in God’s sight it is.

If ever we find ourselves dwelling on the past or wishing that we might have acted differently in some situation, let us remind ourselves that God sees us as growing and unfolding and learning. Let us not hold ourselves or anyone else in a thought of unforgiveness. Let us be willing to release old hurts; let us give up the thoughts that have made us feel unworthy.

We may think that we are unable to forgive the past, but Christ in us is able. Christ in us sets us free. We can find peace in the present through affirming: “Through the forgiving love of Jesus Christ, I am set free from mistakes of the past. I accept forgiveness. I forgive myself and others. I set my face in a new direction.” When we do this, hurts of the past fade into nothingness. We are able to bless and give thanks for  all that has gone before, for all that has brought us to the place of understanding where we now are.

What kind of conversation do you carry on with yourself? What are you saying to yourself right now? Make it a good conversation, make it a true conversation, for the kind of ideas you give yourself, the kind of ideas you listen to, make all the difference in the kind of person you are, in the kind of experiences you have. They make a difference in your health, happiness, and well-being.

    “Thou dost keep him in perfect peace,
          whose mind is stayed on thee.”

Keep your mind stayed on God, keep your mind stayed on truth, thought by thought. Let your inner conversations be as with the Christ, the God-self of you.