You Are Unfettered, Unbound, Triumphant, Glorious, Free

By Martha Smock
You Are Unfettered, Unbound, Triumphant, Glorious, Free

Do you feel bound by what you have been, bound by the past, bound by your lacks, bound by the picture you have created of yourself in your own mind and in the minds of others?

You can be free! You can be free from feelings of insecurity, from feelings of inferiority. You can be free from moodiness or depression. You can be free from dependence on anything in the outer for satisfaction and peace. You can be free, because this is the way God created you.

The beginning of your freedom lies in your own mind. When you let go limiting and binding thoughts, you find that conditions, persons, or circumstances no longer have power over you.

Do you think of freedom as a far-distant, almost impossible dream? Do you ever say:

"Someday I'll be free to do the things I long to do"; "Someday I'll be free from pressures and responsibilities"; "Someday I'll be free to enjoy life"? Does the freedom you hope for seem to elude you?

The freedom to be, to be all that God created you to be, is yours, not someday but now. Do not put off your freedom by thinking that you can be free only if some condition changes, or if some person changes, or by thinking that you cannot be free till the children are gtown or the bills are paid.

If you long to be free, think about the idea of having freedom to be. What do you want to be? What do you want to express? What do you envision for yourself and your life? You have freedom to be. You have the power through the Spirit of God in you, to be all that you have longed to be. You have freedom to grow, to unfold, to express the God-qualities within you. You have freedom to live your life effectively. ...

You are not bound by anything, any person, any situation. You are freer than you think. Step out on this freedom today. Let go the thoughts and beliefs that have kept you in bondage, that have made you fearful of trying. It is not wrong to want freedom to live your life as you see best. God has created you, a spiritual being; He has put His Spirit in you. God has given you perfect freedom to grow and to unfold; He has implanted God-like powers and abilities within you.

"Perfect love casts out fear." God is with you as perfect love. You cannot be afraid in the presence of God; you cannot be doubtful or anxious; you cannot be bound by what you have been in the past; you cannot be limited by what you have thought of yourself or what others have thought of you. Here in this present moment you are free; you are a child of God; you are standing on holy ground.

Lift your thoughts above the limitations of your life. Let them transcend, for the moment at least, all that has seemed to bind you, to stand in your way, all that has frustrated you or made you unhappy.

Meditate on the idea that there is a Spirit in you that is unfettered, unbound, triumphant, splendid, glorious, free. You cannot help but respond to this transcendent vision. You will feel an inner freedom that has nothing to do with circumstances, with conditions, past or present, with what you have thought of yourself, or what others have thought of you.

You gain dominion over your thoughts, over your feelings, over the circumstances and conditions of your life as you hold to the realization that there is a Spirit in you that transcends all things.

The inner freedom you feel will sustain and uphold you as you go about the activities of daily living. You will feel free; you will be free, for you are Spirit: unbound, unlimited, unaffected by circumstances, all-wise, all-loving, all-powerful.

Taken from Listen, Beloved... by Martha Smock. Martha (1913–1984) served as editor of Unity's Daily Word magazine for 35 years.