You Can Get Along Harmoniously With Others

By Martha Smock
You Can Get Along Harmoniously with Others

When someone does or says something that hurts our feelings, it does not help to brood over the matter. We can have peace of mind and spirit only when we rise out of hurt feelings and bless every person and situation. We do not want to carry along with us bitter memories, injured pride, or self-pity. These are negative feelings that cannot produce good and happy results for us or anyone else.

Is there someone in your life who causes you unhappiness, perhaps a member of your family or a co-worker? Do you find it difficult to think of this person kindly, because when you think of him (or her) your thoughts are filled with criticism, hurt, resentment?

If there is even one person with whom you are not at peace, then you have a work to do, and the work begins with you—in your thoughts and feelings, in your reactions. "But," you may say, "I have honestly tried to get along with this person, and it seems that the very times when I have prayed most and have been most determined to be harmonious have been the times when he has tried my patience beyond endurance. "

When you grit your teeth and determine to get along with someone, you are inviting difficulty, for you are not as yet really loving and forgiving in your thought about the other person.

Rather than try in this way to overcome inharmony, take the idea of forgiveness and let it fill you and work through you to heal your heart, to heal your hurts, to heal any friction or inharmony.

Today, right now, think about this person, but in a different way. Think of him not as you have thought of him, not as he has appeared, but as he is in Truth, a child of God, a spiritual being.

You may not find it easy to like a difficult person, but it is always possible for you to love a child of God. As you think of other persons as spiritual beings, as children of God, as you behold the Christ in them, you are set free from feelings and thoughts that cause unhappiness or resentment.

You can rid yourself of negative feelings by substituting positive ones. No one can hurt your feelings if you refuse to be hurt. You can substitute a thought of love for the thought of hurt; you can make the effort to bless the one who has hurt you.

"As much as in you lieth, be at peace with all men." What is in you that enables you to be at peace with all people? It is the love of God in you. The love of God in you frees you from fear and distrust; the love of God in you wipes out all bitterness, all belief in injustice; the love of God in you pours forth a forgiving spirit upon all.

You will not, you cannot lose patience with anyone when you forgive him, when you see him as a child of God. He will benefit from your forgiveness and blessings—but more than this, how happy and free you will feel in your heart!

That which you feel you cannot forgive, the love of God in you has already forgiven. You may feel that you cannot trust the motives of another person, but the love of God in you has perfect trust in the Christ, the divine self of all persons. What you see as injustice, the love of God in you knows as an appearance that cannot stand before the law of divine justice. What you envy or resent in another, the love of God in you appreciates and blesses, for the love of God makes no comparisons, but rejoices in the good of all.

The side of love and harmony is always God's side. The side of freedom and joy is God's side. You can choose to be on the side of God and so find an inner peace and tranquility that nothing can disturb.

Martha Smock (1913–1984) served as editor of Unity's Daily Word magazine for 35 years. "You Can Get Along Harmoniously with Others" excerpted from Listen, Beloved.