Is Your Mind at Peace?

By Martha Smock

Is your mind at peace? Perhaps you feel that you cannot answer this question unless you are able to say that there are no problems in your life, that everything is as nearly perfect and satisfying as it should be or as you hope it will be.

When you think of the times you have experienced real peace of mind, have there not been times when outwardly there were problems? Perhaps you were as Paul: … afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken. … But you had peace of mind, real peace of mind, because you were so filled with the realization of God's presence that you knew, with an unshakable knowing, that God was all and all was well. 

Peace of mind is not something you achieve when everything is perfect, when things have been worked out happily; peace of mind is something that often precedes the solving of the problem.

Just as at the eye of the hurricane there is stillness, so in the midst of confusion or distress there is an inner place of stillness, the secret place of the Most High. You can have peace of mind any time—right now—for God's peace is within you. Truly, the only peace you will ever experience is the peace that comes from experiencing God. This peace does not depend on results. Rather, it is the beginning; it produces the results. …

Peace of mind is made up of many feelings, attitudes, actions and reactions. When you seek peace of mind, you are seeking not blankness, but God in action. Peace is not a stagnant pool to sit beside, but a flowing river, a river of life and energy, of which you are a part.

God bless you, dear friend, with perfect peace, the peace that comes from a disciplined mind … from a will to work … from a courageous approach to life … through knowledge and understanding … through losing yourself in search of God … through finding your right relation to yourself, to other persons, to things, and to God.

The Presence With You
When a person is troubled or concerned about himself or about someone dear to him, often what he needs most is a realization that he is not alone, that the presence of Christ is with him, that even as he prays Christ is saying to him: "... lo, I am with you always. ... "(Mt. 28:20)

… When you think of yourself as living in the presence of Christ, surrounded by the love of Christ, encompassed by the life of Christ, filled with the joy, the peace, the substance of Christ, the problems that loomed so large in your mind assume their right proportions. …

Christ attends you … guards you … inspires you … comforts you … heals you … prospers you … enlightens you.

… Christ is the power at hand that you need to meet every situation … the light that shines into your mind and heart and makes all things clear. Troubled or unhappy thoughts are dissolved in this light; sad or depressed feelings are transformed by this light. 

… If you are seeking the answer to some problem, be still and know that Christ is in you, that in Him is the perfect answer to all things, that in Him the way is revealed.

… Have faith in Christ to direct your every step, to relieve you of all anxiety, to cure every disease, to manage all your affairs, to protect and bless you. You cannot expect too much of the Christ. You cannot have more faith than He is able to fulfill for Christ is all in all. 

… When you turn all things over to the Christ, you find the answers you have been seeking. …

Martha Smock (1913–1984) served as editor of Unity's Daily Word® magazine for 35 years. The following is an excerpt from the book Turning Points.