Your Unique Way—Part 1

By Mary-Alice and Richard Jafolla

Excerpted from The Quest

Getting In Step With God Means Marching to a Different Drummer 

“Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” —Luke 5:4

The men had been fishing all night, their little boats silently on the lake of Gennesaret. Not a fish was to be caught, and at dawn they headed back to shore with empty nets.

In the morning, Jesus told Simon Peter, one of the fishermen, to put out for the deeper water and cast their nets. Peter was confused by this, questioning how there could be fish out there when there had been no catch all night. Set out they did, however, and their nets hauled up so many fish that the boats almost sank. 

No Fish in the Shallows 

It is easy to fish in shallow waters, the waters where everyone else fishes. No one will ever question you for fishing where everyone “knows” you should fish. It’s safe to stay in those waters, because that's where you are “supposed” to fish. You won't even be criticized for pulling in an empty net and catching nothing. People will understand.

Yet Jesus very clearly enjoined those men to launch out into the deep. Those deeper waters were not the accepted place to fish, as everyone knew. Why would they want to venture out into the unknown? Wouldn’t they be ridiculed, misunderstood? And wouldn’t it be risky to test new waters?

In a word, yes. But the lesson was given to us to show that if we are to reap the harvest. We need to launch out into untested waters, for that is where the true rewards are to be found. You have traveled The Quest for almost a year now because you had felt unfulfilled in the shallows. You are making your way in the untested waters, away from the ordinary, casting the nets of your vision into unproven territories where most people are afraid to go. But that is where the treasure lies. It is your own unique way.

Discover Your Gift 

You are not an adolescent anymore—not physically, emotionally, or spiritually. You are a person on a journey, questing for the realization of the presence of God and all which that implies.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Look into your eyes. Ask yourself, “What's it all about?” The answer will come that it's about giving of yourself, giving of your uniquely special gift which makes you you.

We all have a gift. Each of us is born with something to express, to do, to become. It is your responsibility to discover your unique gift. What is it? Do you already know?

Once having been discovered, the gift is developed and nurtured and then it is given back. Once the nets are filled with deep waters, the fish are brought back to shore and used to feed people. Your own unique gift must also be used to help others. It is the only way you can really feel fulfilled.

Before you began to fish in the deep waters, you probably (if you are like most of us) looked to others to give to you, to fulfill you. Now you see that real joy comes from giving back, from being authentically you and sharing that authenticity with those around you.

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The Quest In every human heart there exists the hope of connecting with "something more." Tucked away deep within us, a part of us has always sought—yearned for—that connection.

The Quest opens the way for that connection. It presents eternal truths in a contemporary and very personal way. Whether you are just beginning your own individual quest or desire a deeper spiritual understanding, this guidebook and the accompanying activity book, Adventures on the Quest, will lead you with warmth and practicality through the pilgrimage of your soul.