Your Untapped Potential

By Rev. Charles Roth

The Bible story of the talents is a familiar one. One servant received five talents, another two, another one. Two of the servants used, or invested, their talents and increased them. The third servant guarded his closely for fear of losing it. Those servants who used and increased their talents were given more, and the servant who fearfully clung to his had it taken away and given to the servant with ten talents.

As many times as you have heard this story, how did you apply it to your own life? If you are like many people, you didn't relate it to your own life at all; perhaps you felt the story referred to people who had some special gift or talent, such as writing or painting or singing. Yet, when Jesus told this parable, He wasn't speaking to a group of artistically talented people.

He was speaking to skilled and unskilled workers, farmers, fishermen—ordinary people like you and me—who He knew had extraordinary potentialities within them. Let us think about five talents or extraordinary potentialities in particular that you possess right now. Let us see how you can invest your five talents and double them …

Talent or extraordinary potential number one: the talent or ability to think.

You may say, “What kind of talent is that? Everybody can think; there's no trick to that!” However, that's just the point—everybody can think! Remember, Jesus was talking to ordinary people, so the talents He talked about would logically be things that ordinary people possess but may not be using or investing wisely. Besides, there actually is a “trick” to thinking. The “trick” is to think positive thoughts, constructive thoughts, prosperous thoughts, healthy thoughts, and to avoid thinking negative thoughts, destructive thoughts, lack thoughts, sick thoughts! …

Talent or potential number two is the ability to believe.

It may also seem obvious that everyone has the ability to believe. Again, that is why it is the kind of talent Jesus was talking about—because everybody has it! You must choose what you are going to believe, because belief is the key to your life. You are what you believe. Do you believe yourself to be unhappy, a wallflower, inadequate? Then that is what you are! Are you always “low man on the totem pole”? Are you sickly, weak; do others get the opportunities while life passes you by? Then on your subconscious level of mind, you believe that this is the kind of person you are.

You may say, “I don't have to believe it—it's so. Just look at the facts!” But the facts are what they are because of your accepted beliefs.

The time must come—and let it be today when regardless of the facts, you choose to believe that you are an adequate person, a remarkable person, a successful person, a poised and confident person, because you know that you are a child of God and you choose to believe the teaching of Jesus that God is within you. …

Another talent or extraordinary potential you presently have is imagination.

How are you using your imagination? Imagination is called the “scissors of the mind” because, just as you use a pair of scissors on a bolt of material and that material becomes the form that your scissors cut it into, so does your imagination work on the unspecialized substance of God all around you, and that substance becomes to you just the form that your imagination gives it!

Therefore, invest your talent of imagination wisely. See yourself well and strong if presently you are having a health challenge. See yourself making successful sales if you are in business. See yourself poised and confident in some situation that you may be dreading to face. …

The next talent or untapped potential is praise and thanksgiving.

… Praise and thanksgiving serve to open the connection between you and your good. You see, we are all part of one universal creation. In order to bring good to you, God works through all things, all people, all conditions; and if you are not consciously connected to the divine network, as we might call it, your good cannot easily reach you.

Praise and thanksgiving open the lines; they connect you to the universe of good and thereby to the unrestricted activity of God. Praise your home, your job, your children, your co-workers. Praise your body, praise the efforts of others. Praise God! …

The fifth talent or potential is the ability to pray.

… Prayer is experiencing the presence of God in you and as you. Prayer is total surrender to a realization of oneness with God, the creative impulse within the universe. Of all our talents, prayer is the most dynamic, and yet perhaps the least developed. Take time today and each day to develop and become skilled in your talent to pray. …

You are a remarkable person indeed, and you possess untapped spiritual potential. You are created in the image-likeness of God, as Genesis states; God's very own Spirit indwells you, as Paul stated; God is your spiritual Parent, as Jesus taught; and you are God's spiritual child.

With all these things going for you, you have the potential for greatness, the potential to be a winner, the potential resources to face and overcome any and every problem or challenge that comes into your life.

As you meditate on your true nature as a spiritual being and a child of God, know for yourself: I am a very remarkable person, with infinite spiritual potential!

Rev. Charles Roth was a writer for Daily Word® and Unity Magazine®. He served congregations in Des Moines, Iowa and Detroit, Michigan. He also served as a member of the Unity Minister’s Association executive board, as editor of the Unity Minister’s Journal, as assistant to the editor of Daily Word, and as chairman of the Association of Unity Churches Educational Advisory Committee. This article is excerpted from his book, Mind: The Master Power.