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Interpret This With Rev. Jacquie Fernández

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Charles Fillmore defines angels as "the projection into consciousness of a spiritual idea direct from the Fountainhead, Jehovah" (The Revealing Word).

Luke 7:15

No one can say for sure because Luke either does not know or doesn't consider it important. Presumably, the boy responded to Jesus' ministrations and continued to express as a loving and grateful child of God.


Rev. Ed

Luke 8:17

Jesus is calling on his disciples to be open and forthcoming about the teachings he is sharing with them. They are not to be held in secret for just an elect few; they are, rather, to be held openly and affirmed together.


Proverbs 12:9

It is better to be unpopular but successful than to be impressive but lack substance. In the Apocrypha (Sirach 10:27) it is written, "Better is the worker who has goods in plenty than the boaster who lacks bread."


2 Chronicles 20:1-12

In many ways this passage has echoed throughout the thousands of years of Middle East history that continue to create conflict today. Does God take sides? How can a universal God blame and punish some of Creation at the expense of the rest?

James 1:9-10

Faith is not dependent on outer circumstances. Worldly riches may disappear like flowers out of season; the true believer will sustain his faith regardless.


Rev. Ed


Job 7:3

I think this statement from Job can be taken either way. There is definitely an aura of pride in feeling that he deserves better than emptiness and misery.