Acts 2


I want to have a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit baptism that occurred at the time of Pentecost. What did this mean for them; what does it mean for us?


At this point the disciples are 'hiding out' in an upper room, afraid that they might be arrested if they appeared in public. Suddenly they experienced a great wind and 'tongues of fire' that settled on each of them. Their very human fears were dissolved, and their spiritual Truth was released. They immediately go out to share the teachings of Jesus Christ with anyone who will listen.  And in so doing they launched the spiritual movement that became Christianity. I think we experience Pentecost whenever we feel emboldened to move past the fears and limitations of our mortal lives and set about the spiritual purpose that brings us, infinite spiritual beings that we are, into this experience of limitation and duality. When we are expressing that spiritual purpose of creating the new consciousness that is the kingdom of heaven, we have nothing to fear.


Rev. Ed