Colossians 3:21


"Fathers, do not provoke your children, lest they become discouraged" (Colossians 3:21 RSV).


Can a father lose his children—not meaning in death but relationship-wise—if he continues to provoke his children to anger? And another question: How does one know if he is being deceived by evil spirits in someone close to you in your family? Because I feel deceived and drained by his presence every time I go visit my father at times. Please consider my cry for help—I really need it.


Paul is writing here—as he often is throughout his letters—about the question of how life should be lived until the return of Jesus Christ, which he thought would happen very soon. No major changes would be necessary; however, everything would be experienced from a higher, more lovingly spiritual perspective. All human disagreements and challenges would become unimportant in the "new nature" (v. 10) of Christ Awareness. The role of the father becomes one of encouragement instead of judgment and discipline.

There are no 'evil spirits' as such within the one Presence and one Power that is God, but there are fear-based negative energies in our collective mortal consciousness. As we surrender to our true Christ Nature we are able to enfold others in love—even if their responses are still coming from fear. And we treat ourselves with love, as well, so that we don't allow ourselves to be drawn into nonloving situations. If you are not expecting others to change, and are not feeling a need to change yourself—since the Truth of who you are is a perfect Christ Spirit—then the tensions and pressure you describe will dissolve in the sensation of infinite Love.


Rev. Ed