Ecclesiastes 10:19


"Bread is made for laughter, and wine gladdens life, and money answers everything" (Ecclesiastes 10:19 RSV).


I am currently going through a financial challenge. Is it okay to desire money to resolve my issues?


Ecclesiastes is also known as "The Preacher," which is not quite accurate since the work calls into question all the spiritual beliefs set forth in the other books of Hebrew scripture. "The Teacher" might be more accurate since it represents a philosophical, rather than a spiritual, perspective. The author essentially questions whether there is any point or purpose to living what would be considered a "good" life. He suggests that what's important is that we enjoy this life experience (although he qualifies that attitude somewhat toward the end of his teachings).

The passage, then, sort of sums up the message of the entire book: Life is meant to be experienced richly, and the means of that enjoyment are available to us. Bread and wine are used as symbols of pleasure and enjoyment, and money as the immediate source of both.  

Our spiritual understanding has both expanded and deepened since Ecclesiastes was written. I don't question the sentiment of this verse, but it's incomplete because it doesn't realize the Spirit that is the Source of everything. So, to answer your question, it is certainly okay to appreciate the importance of money in this human experience. But money alone will never be the answer to your financial challenge. Your oneness with Divine Spirit is the Source of everything. It is a Spirit of infinite abundance and infinite possibility; and it may express as money and/or in other ways that are beyond the understanding of your ego mind. If you focus on "desiring" a realization of the Source of money and all good things, instead of focusing only on the money itself, your financial challenge will be more easily dissolved.


Rev. Ed