Genesis 25


I would like to receive more insight on the order of the living creatures in Genesis 25. 


I'm not going to include the entirety of Chapter 25 in this reply. It describes the death of Abraham (v. 7-11), surrounded by three genealogies naming Abraham's descendants via three women: his second wife, Keturah; Hagar the servant; and his first wife, Sarah.  

As with all early Hebrew genealogies (descendants of Adam in Genesis 5, descendants of Noah in Genesis 10), the specific names would have been very important to those descendants as a statement of continuity. They also seem designed to define the other troublesome interrelations among the Hebrews and other tribes in the land.  

As to their metaphysical guidance, I would suggest that the specific names are fairly unimportant. What matters is the sense of flow that connects our original divine Source to our lives today.


Rev. Ed