We in Unity do not believe in a place called Hell where people being punished for their sins will burn forever. There are many reasons why that concept simply doesn't make sense. When I was growing up, the Baltimore Catechism defined "hell" as a place in which God is absent. But if God is omnipresence, then there can't be a place where God is not. And if we believe in a God of infinite love, how can we also believe in eternal damnation? That's not to say hell doesn't exist, but it has nothing to do with what happens after death. We experience hell here in our lifetimes when we (erroneously) believe ourselves to be separate from God. That sense of helpless anguish is a powerful experience, but it is an illusion that we can readily move through. Jesus taught that there is more joy in heaven over one being who has "repented" (from the Latin for "new thought") and made new choices than for 99 who have no need of repentance. That certainly doesn't support an idea of eternal damnation.


Rev. Ed