Job 4:8-9


"I have seen people plow fields of evil and plant wickedness like seeds; now they harvest wickedness and evil. Like a storm, God destroys them in his anger" (Job 4:8-9).


I am feeling very good about my life right now and the role I play within the greater good. I opened the Bible randomly this morning and this chapter spoke to me. I am relatively new to being personally acquainted with the Bible and I love hearing/reading the metaphysical interpretations of passages. I see this passage as the bad thoughts within us that we have toward ourselves. When I think this way I am hurting myself and am mad at myself. The God within me becomes angry and I then have the potential to hate myself. Am I on track with my interpretation? I would love to hear/read your take on it.


I think your understanding is very valid. I would add a few thoughts. I don't see the seeds of wickedness as only directed toward ourselves. I think we plant those seeds every time we make an ego-mind choice based in fear, instead of trusting completely to our true Spirit. And, of course, those thoughts will produce negative experiences. I don't think Spirit—the divine Truth—ever 'becomes angry.' It simply allows us to experience the consequences of our negative choices, knowing that we will learn from those experiences to make more loving choices.


Rev. Ed