John 14:3 "And when I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again..."


Dear Friend,

As with your previous question, you are asking about a portion of Jesus' great final discourse in the Gospel of John, immediately after the Last supper, in which he seeks to reinforce his message and prepare his closest followers for the implications of what is about to occur. Its message of love and empowerment can get lost if we try to break it down into tiny bits. We have to keep in mind the 'big picture' that Jesus is describing.
He is speaking as the Christ in full expression, and with total awareness of what is about to happen to his mortal form and ministry. He knows that in the aftermath of the crucifixion his disciples will feel lost, abandoned and alone. He is assuring them that that will never truly be the case. "I go to prepare a place for you," he says twice in the beginning of chapter 14. In other words, he is going through and beyond the death experience of which we are so afraid—precisely to show us that the same possibility lives in us. And if we center ourselves in the same indwelling Christ energy that he is so clearly demonstrating, then we will always be connected with his own Christ energy and with the Holy Spirit that he promises we will receive to guide and empower us in these human challenges.
I think the key line in this passage is "You know the way where I am going." Not "You should know ..." or "I'll tell you ..." Just the assurance that the knowing is already within us. The Christ in us understands perfectly everything the Christ of Jesus is saying and doing. We have to trust that inner knowing, allow it to be supported and empowered by the Holy Spirit, and follow its light and guidance so that the Christ in us can lead us to the same kingdom of heaven consciousness that Jesus achieves.


Rev. Ed