Psalm 85:11


"Faithfulness will spring up from the ground, and righteousness will look down from the sky" (Psalm 85:11).


Psalm 85 overall is a prayer for deliverance from adversity. (Verse 12 suggests that the adversity has to do with a poor growing season.) The psalmist begins by remembering times past when the Lord weighed in with assistance in times of need, and affirms that the same assistance will prevail in the current crisis. I think perhaps the faithfulness that will "spring up from the ground" represents a healthy crop, and the righteousness will "look down from the sky" in the form of rain.

I think the psalm is a reminder to us to view any immediate crisis in the larger context of our lives. We have successfully called upon divine guidance in the past; we can surely count on the same guidance for the present circumstances.


Rev. Ed