Psalm 91


The 91st Psalm is perhaps best known for being quoted by the tempter during Jesus' wilderness ordeal in both Matthew and Luke. It is a wisdom psalm—not directed to or against any particular event or person, but rather a resounding statement of spiritual truth. The underlying message—and overwhelming promise—is that so long as we remain centered in the indwelling Presence of the Lord of our being—the Christ—no threats, storms or attacks on this mortal plane can harm us. It doesn't say that there will be no threats, storms or attacks. But they won't "come near your tent." We "dwell in the shelter of the Most High" when we recognize and embrace our innate Oneness with its Power and Protection. We can then move through the challenges of life, knowing that they cannot affect our true spiritual identity, and that, from our safe spiritual shelter, we can choose to see the Good expressing in every challenge.