Revelation 20:15


"And if anyone's name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire" (Revelation 20:15).


I understand, that you, Mr. Ed Townley, believe and teach that the Bible has many interpretations, and I would like to get your perspective on this verse. Thank you for your time concerning this matter.


This is one of the final chapters of the epic vision that is described in the Revelation to John. Traditional interpretations might see the "lake of fire" as Hades, and those thrown into it destined to suffer for all eternity. But fire is not always punishment; it can represent a process of purification, burning away the false so that the true can shine through.  

We have just dissolved the very ideas of Death and Hades in verse 14 by sending the ideas themselves into the lake of fire to be purified. I think those whose names were not found "written in the book of life" are those who have lived their mortal lives believing in duality and a battle between good and evil—and believing in the idea of Death, which Jesus had already demonstrated was just an illusion of mortal mind.  

Just as the deceptive ideas themselves are sent for purification, so those who believed in them must be purified as well. And there's no indication here that the purification lasts forever. It's simply a part of the process required to release ourselves from the false ideas we've accumulated in the course of our human experience. We are eternally spiritual beings, One with the energy of infinite Love that is our Source. That Truth will remain after the false has been burned away.


Rev. Ed