Revelation to John


What is the Unity metaphysical understanding of the Book of Revelation? I know that is the topic of many books through the ages! My particular interest is the numerology symbology of 6-6-6; one third; and the number 7. I'm also interested about how this book represents the internal parts of me and how I might use this knowledge in my life. Perhaps just by asking this question my own knowing will come. I also like using Unity interpretations to help in my journey. Referring me to resources for my own research would also be useful. 


At the risk of sounding immodest, I would recommend the book Kingdom Come: Understanding the Book of Revelation, which I wrote in 2014. It's published by Unity Books, so you could get a copy through them, or it's available on Amazon. It moves through the entire Revelation, verse by verse, from a Unity perspective.

Numerology is very important in the Revelation, both as spiritual symbols and as a kind of political code to hide a dangerous message against the Roman Empire from prying Roman eyes. The number of the beast—666—represents the name 'Nero Caesar.' That most hated and feared ruler was dead by this time, but there were persistent, superstitious rumors that he was actually alive somewhere to the east and would be returning with a large army. So the beasts represent both the actual Roman Empire and the imagined power of Nero. Seven is a powerful number throughout the entire Bible. It represents stages of spiritual awareness. Like the seven days of creation, there is an ordered process by which we realize and accomplish our spiritual purpose while in this human experience.  


Rev. Ed