The Story of Queen Esther


The Story of Queen Esther. Esther's courage in taking action to protect her people is one of the most inspiring of the Bible. She is a beautiful example of doing the right thing against many odds. I somehow believe this reflects Jesus' wisdom teaching of "resist not evil, but overcome evil with good.”


COMMENTARY: Your appreciation of the story of Esther is a lovely example of the power to be found in allowing the Bible to serve as a valuable guide on our individual spiritual paths. Interestingly, the Book of Esther was very nearly excluded from the Bible by authorities who felt it wasn't sufficiently “religious.” It is, in fact, the only book that never mentions God at all.

And yet, as you point out, it is a beautiful story about holding to spiritual principles in the face of pressures to give in to worldly realities. Esther enjoys her regal life, but she never allows it to distract her from her spiritual identity and spiritual truth. She never falters in her belief that what is right is more important than what is expedient – and that good can be achieved without stooping to the confrontational level of fear-based evil.
I hope you'll continue to explore the ways in which Queen Esther speaks to you so powerfully.

Rev. Ed