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Interpret This With Rev. Jacquie Fernández

Have you ever wondered how a specific Bible verse might be interpreted metaphysically? Interpret This provides greater insight into the hidden meanings of the Bible. Use the search features below to find a verse. If the verse you are looking for is not available, click here to request an interpretation

Matthew 28:2-4

This is the second earthquake Matthew describes as occurring during this weekend; the first (Matthew 27:52-54) was at the moment of Jesus' death. None of the other gospels report either one.

1 John 1:5-6

The author begins with the image of God as light in whom there is no shadow. If we try to balance our lives between shadow and light, we cannot. We are either in the light or not.

Mark 6:3-4

I think what we have here is Jesus, very early in his ministry, demonstrating a very human desire to "show off" for people in his hometown who have known him all his life.


We in Unity do not believe in a place called Hell where people being punished for their sins will burn forever. There are many reasons why that concept simply doesn't make sense.

Luke 15:7

It's amazing how Jesus can pack a great depth of meaning into a simple statement. The challenge, of course, then becomes to unpack that meaning for ourselves.

Luke 4:23

It is not Jesus who says (in the NRSV) "Doctor, cure yourself." He is quoting from an old proverb and attributing it to the Nazarenes who have just heard him speak in the synagogue.