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Have you ever wondered how a specific Bible verse might be interpreted metaphysically? Interpret This provides greater insight into the hidden meanings of the Bible. Use the search features below to find a verse. If the verse you are looking for is not available, click here to request an interpretation

Revelation 11:11

Earlier in the 11th chapter we are introduced to two anonymous 'witnesses' who will be sent from the Lord, clothed in sackcloth and with the gift of prophesy. They are described as olive trees and lampstands—sources of spiritual substance and ligh

1 Chronicles, Chapter 1

I am not going to print out the entire chapter. This seemingly endless list of interrelated genealogies had a purpose specific to its time: It wanted to establish the place of Abraham and his descendants in the larger world by naming all the desce

John 2:17

This passage is in reference to Jesus' driving the merchants and money changers out of the Temple. In the gospels of Mark, Matthew, and Luke, this event takes place at the very end of Jesus' ministry, after his entry into Jerusalem. The author of

John 14:6

It has been—and is today—the accepted understanding among traditional and conservative Christians that this passage means that Christianity is the only path to God.

John 7:24

You're absolutely right, of course. Jesus himself advised his listeners many times to 'judge not.' The challenge here, I think, is when subtle differences in meaning are passed through several translators.

Malachi 2:13-16

Little is known about this prophet; we may not even know his real name, since 'malachi' means 'my messenger' in Hebrew. His major concern is fidelity to the Sinai covenant between the Lord and His people.