Bible Interpretation

Interpret This With Rev. Jacquie Fernández

Have you ever wondered how a specific Bible verse might be interpreted metaphysically? Interpret This provides greater insight into the hidden meanings of the Bible. Use the search features below to find a verse. If the verse you are looking for is not available, click here to request an interpretation

Job 3:25

This is one of my favorite verses in all the Bible because it sets out so clearly the basic spiritual Truth that we create our own life experiences according to the choices we make. We are creative expressions of the one God.

1 John 1:9

Catholics, of course, have externalized this (and other) passages into a sacrament. Metaphysically, however, we don't affirm a need for a confessor—an intermediary between ourselves and the Divine.

Luke 2:16-19

Matthew's story of the immediate aftermath of the birth of Jesus involved wealthy, educated magi from the East; Luke's story is of humble shepherds inspired by angels on high.

Matthew 7:24-27

I think your minister's interpretation of this passage is correct. What's important, I think, is that being "founded on rock" does not mean that there will be no storms and floods.

Isaiah 38:1

Three verses later, the Lord apparently changes his mind and decides to let Amoz live another 15 years. This sort of self-contradiction is not what we might expect from the Almighty, but it isn't Spirit that changes—it's Hezekiah.

Hebrews 4:16

This is a firm and joyful statement of spiritual empowerment. There is nothing here of beseeching or feeling undeserving of spiritual grace. When we receive our inner guidance with boldness, we can be certain of the result.


Isaiah 52:1-3

The writer known as Second Isaiah was focused on restoring the kingdom of Israel by encouraging Hebrews to return after their long exile in Babylon. In Chapter 51, he describes the city's previous devastation at the hands of foreign nations.