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Luke 2:49

This is the only passage in the Gospels that refers to Jesus' childhood, and it's found only in Luke. It tells of Jesus being presented at the Temple in Jerusalem. As his parents were returning to Nazareth, they realized he was missing. They found

Luke 24:39

I can certainly not speak to 'Unity's belief' on anything. There are countless theories and beliefs in the world about the post-Easter Jesus—and I would bet worldwide Unity includes adherents to each and all of them.

Acts 17:24-25

I have some difficulty in matching your question with the passage from Acts that you cited. This passage is from the speech delivered by the apostle Paul in the city of Athens. It's an important speech, not only for its memorable thoughts, but as


You weren't sure of the exact citation. I feel sure you were referring to the whole of the sixth chapter of Romans, which is too long to copy here—and difficult to summarize in a brief response.

Thomas 77

In my several years of answering these questions, this is the first time I've been asked about something in the Gospel of Thomas. So thanks for the question! And what a perfectly beautiful passage to start with!