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Have you ever wondered how a specific Bible verse might be interpreted metaphysically? Interpret This provides greater insight into the hidden meanings of the Bible. Use the search features below to find a verse. If the verse you are looking for is not available, click here to request an interpretation

Romans 1:26-31

I've extended the passage to verse 31 to complete the final sentence. Let's begin by acknowledging that there is, indeed, a strong aversion to homosexuality indicated in Paul's words.

Ezekiel 16

This chapter is much too long to print out here. It is a part of the prophet's work, written immediately before the fall of Jerusalem in 587 B.C.

Isaiah 5:28

Isaiah has just itemized a number of accusations the Lord holds against the people of Judah (the Southern Kingdom). In this verse and the two concluding Chapter 5, he describes the coming of the Assyrians ("A nation far away," v.

Matthew 13:44-46

Chapter 13 in the Gospel of Matthew gathers together seven distinct parables Jesus used to describe "the kingdom of heaven"—the state of elevated spiritual consciousness within each of us that he urges us to strive for.