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You weren't sure of the exact citation. I feel sure you were referring to the whole of the sixth chapter of Romans, which is too long to copy here—and difficult to summarize in a brief response.

Thomas 77

In my several years of answering these questions, this is the first time I've been asked about something in the Gospel of Thomas. So thanks for the question! And what a perfectly beautiful passage to start with!

The Bible

You may have left a religious structure that defined itself as 'Christian,' but you clearly are resonant with the teachings of Jesus.

Genesis 41:31-40

It is Joseph, of course, who is speaking in this passage, the culmination of his remarkable Hero's Journey from wealthy son to slave to house servant, then unjustly imprisoned until this appearance before the pharaoh.

Joel 2:32

Metaphysically, we 'call on the name of the Lord' when we recognize and surrender to our true identity as the Christ—the very essence of the Divine.

1 John 4

The first and second letters of John are not really letters but discourses, or sermons. Their author is, scholars believe, the same John who was the author of the Fourth Gospel.

Psalm 2

This is a coronation psalm, written for the coronation of an unknown king. It affirms that the new king is the Lord's anointed, and warns all other rulers to be aware of this special relationship between king and God.

Isaiah 45:9

The key to understanding Isaiah from chapter 44:24 to 45:13 is that the prophet (actually Second Isaiah, writing about 100 years later than the earlier chapters) is praising Cyrus, the Persian king who is conquering the Babylonians who destroyed J