Bible Interpretation

Interpret This With Rev. Ed

Have you ever wondered how a specific Bible verse might be interpreted metaphysically? Interpret This provides greater insight into the hidden meanings of the Bible. Use the search features below to find a verse. If the verse you are looking for is not available, click here to request an interpretation

Psalm 4

This is a fairly standard psalm structure: a statement of grievance against the Lord, followed by an affirmation that the Lord is present, even in the challenges.

Psalm 113

This passionate hymn celebrates the Lord as a helper of the humble, referring obliquely to incidents and characters from Jewish history whom the Lord did, indeed, 'raise up.' David himself was a poor shepherd, and many of the great leaders who pre

1 Kings 3

This is a long and somewhat complicated chapter concerning the relationship between Solomon and the Lord of his being. I'm not going to reprint it here, nor can I cover its contents in depth.

Revelation 2:17

The entire Revelation to John—the final book of the Christian Bible—is symbolic and metaphysical. It is not to be taken literally—either as a record of past events or as a prediction of the future.