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1 Timothy 3:2

It would be a real stretch to make this comment be about divorce. Given the customs of the times, it seems clear that the author's concern is that a potential bishop be married to only one woman, free of any other involvements.


Psalm 116

This psalm is a hymn of thanksgiving for a healing from illness. The psalmist makes it clear that his situation was dire. Indeed, the humans around him had given up their attempts to save him from death. But the psalmist kept his faith.

Psalm 18:8

This is a "Psalm of David," which is also found in 2 Samuel 22. It is the psalm of a king giving thanks for victory in a battle. In this metaphorical passage, the Lord is described as a thunderstorm.

Isaiah 59:19

This passage is from the section of the Book of Isaiah generally known as Second Isaiah, since it was written significantly later than the book's first 39 chapters. I quoted the King James Version, since that is the version you referenced.

John 6:16-21

This demonstration of spiritual power can also be found in the gospels of both Mark and Matthew, so it must have been a familiar story among the early followers of Jesus.

Matthew 4:5-6

Jesus' three temptations in the wilderness are basically focused on one thing: the temptation to use his newly-realized spiritual identity for personal gain instead of dedicating himself to the betterment of mankind.

Matthew 5:6

The Beatitudes that begin the Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew are a series of very clear promises. They have become so familiar that I'm afraid they've lost much of their revolutionary power throughout the years.