Awaken Christmas 2018


As the holiday season engages our senses, we encourage you to carry a powerful idea with you into the next year: Make every day Christmas.

“Every day can be such as Christmas … every day can be a day when we think of others and give to them our love, our friendship, our time, our substance,” wrote Martha Smock in a classic Daily Word article.

“Every day can be a day when we let our hearts be happy; when we sing and rejoice, because of the wonder of divine love made manifest in us.”

How to Make Every Day Christmas

Embrace Hope

These are challenging times we live in. How easy it is to be coaxed into a cynical mindset. Yet in the presence of hope, anything and everything is a real possibility. A practical way to embrace hope every day is to ask yourself: What gift can I bring to this day? The gift of presence, the gift of inclusivity, the gift of love.

Recognize You Were Born Blessed

We only have to look at nature to see God’s creativity and passion for diversity. The source of your infinite Christmas spirit comes from the knowledge that you were born blessed, a divine incarnation of love.

Be a Center of Harmony

Wherever you find yourself, be the person who radiates a spirit of peace and unity. Taking the active role to be a center of harmony and peace in your day is a living gift to those around you.

When we experience struggle and discord in our lives and relationships, we can recall that prayer supports us, and a peaceful heart attracts the positive energy we desire.

Develop an Enduring Sense of Wonder

A sense of wonder keeps the tree of our mind green and growing.

So often we assign the idea of wonder to children. But we can be open to limitless chances to be filled with wonder, whether in nature’s blessings or the mighty work of the human spirit.

“(A) sense of wonder keeps the tree of our mind green and growing,” wrote James Dillet Freeman, Unity poet laureate, “and as for flowers, may the Christmas flower that blossoms in our heart be love—God’s love for you and me, our love for one another.”

Developing a childlike sense of wonder at Christmas leaves us open to growth and possibilities all year long.

Walk in Faith

Depression and grief can seize us at any time of the year. During such times, when we feel filled with more questions than answers, we can remember our spiritual power: faith. Faith waits patiently within us, ready to be set free, and it can only be set free by you.

As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

Shine Your Light

Every day can be such as Christmas. Every day can be a day when we let our hearts be happy.

In the peaceful stillness with colorful lights aglow, it’s easy to imagine the day to come—full of love, hope, joy, memories, comfort, and peace. Then suddenly the house is noisy with life and the trappings of Christmas day.

Each day the sun rises on another opportunity for you to express your wild and creative spirit. However, predictably, the days, weeks, and months fill with obligations and expectations that may work to subvert your imagination.

Keep the pledge to shine your creative light as a reminder of the ever-present love available to all.

“The light of Christ is shining steadily in you, through you, and for you,” Smock wrote. “It shines like the Christmas of your life; it proclaims the presence of God.”

Engage in Random Acts of Kindness

In the journal Write It On Your Heart, the idea of random acts of kindness gives us a physical opportunity to remember that “every human has a divine core and that goodness truly prevails.”

Actively lending a hand, paying it forward, and giving when you can transforms your life into a positive example of love and hope in the world.

Be Centered in Peace

Peace is our natural state.

No matter what is happening, remember, peace is always possible. Take time to “quiet the mental realm” as Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore told us.

By making time to be centered in the stillness of God, you can go about daily activities, affirming that all things contribute to the calm peace of your soul. When we make space for peace, we find that peace is our natural state: it bathes us in serenity.

Give the Gift of Self-Care

Exercise, yoga, healthy eating and sleeping habits, meditation: Self-care is necessary in order to live the warmth of the season.

Resist the urge to put yourself and your care needs last. Self-care builds powerful feelings of self-love and positivity, so that love flows from you all year long.

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