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What Is Lent?

“Lent is a season of spiritual growth, a time for progressive unfoldment.”

“When we can blend and merge our mind with God-Mind, the way is open for the Lord to glorify us and to lift us into a higher, purer, more spiritual state.”—Charles Fillmore

In his seminal book Keep a True Lent, Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore said Lent marked a time for personal transformation.

Fillmore’s instruction on Lent reflected mainstream understanding. He observed Lent as a time of fasting or “abstaining” from any beliefs that prevented us from knowing our divine nature. He observed Easter Day as “the awakening and raising to spiritual consciousness of every individual.”

A Unity Experience of Lent

In Unity we see Lent as a time of spiritual transformation, of releasing negative thoughts and feelings.

Unity writer Clara May Rowland expanded on the idea of Lent’s purpose, saying its role is to “prepare us mentally, physically, and spiritually for a new awakening; to resurrect us out of old states of consciousness into a new realization of life; and to permit us to reconsecrate and rededicate ourselves to the will and the work of Jesus Christ.”

Through the use of denials and affirmations, we can become more fully aware of our divine identity, giving us enormous power and responsibility.

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Our Lenten Books and Prayer Guides

Fasting and Feasting

2019 Fasting and Feasting

Keeping a True Lent

2018 Keeping a True Lent

Be Ye Transformed

2017 Be Ye Transformed

Higher Ground

2016 Higher Ground

Learning to Let Go

2015 Learning to Let Go

Rise Up!

2014 Rise Up!

When Is Lent?

  • 2019: March 6–April 20
  • 2020: February 26–April 11
  • 2021: February 17–April 3
  • 2022: March 2–April 16
  • 2023: February 22–April 8