LGBTQ Podcasts

LGBTQ Podcasts

What if Different Is Okay?

TJ Woodward, Unity Online Radio host

Conscious Being

Host: TJ Woodward

Have you ever felt different? Do you have a deep knowing that "being different" is exactly where you need to be in order to manifest your most magnificent life? Please join TJ Woodward and Dr. Adriana Popescu as they explore these questions and more.

The LGBT Temple: Self-Acceptance for Gay Men With Grayson Gilbert

Dr. Ramdesh, Unity Online Radio host

The Body Temple

Host: Dr. Ramdesh

The pressure for the “perfect look” is strong in the LGBT community. How do you learn self-acceptance in a body that many in our culture say is wrong? How do you connect with your authentic self and embody self-love? Grayson Gilbert brings the Body Temple discussion to the gay community. How can you connect with self-acceptance and learn to love the body you are in?

Flipping the Script With Temple Hayes and Diane Ray

Temple Hayes, Unity Online Radio host

The Intentional Spirit

Host: Temple Hayes

Usually Temple Hayes has a fascinating guest on her show and shares some information that can be life-changing for the listener. Today we put Temple in the guest spot and fellow Unity Online Radio host Diane Ray interviews Temple about her life, work, and hopes for the future. Tune in for a fun conversation!

When Love Is Painful

Rev. Jennifer Hadley, Unity Online Radio host

A Course in Miracles

Host: Rev. Jennifer Hadley

Love is not meant to be painful. In truth, love is our liberator because love is what we are. However, to the ego love is painful and it’s also threatening. When this becomes our belief, life itself becomes painful. In this week’s episode, Jennifer Hadley shares how she learned to open her heart to a true understanding of love that has healed her fear of painful relationships. To learn more about A Course in Miracles, please visit For the transcript of this episode and more, please visit

Dreams Do Come True With Debbie Grant

Mo Faul, Unity Online Radio host

Bring Your Soul to Work

Host: Mo Faul

Coach Mo welcomes Debbie Grant to the show to share her story of overcoming obstacles and manifesting her dreams. Debbie had been doubting her career path but with Mo’s help she was able to create the career of her dreams. Listen in to find out how!

The 10 Most Frequent Relationship Dreams and What They Mean

Kelly Sullivan Walden, Unity Online Radio host

Ask Dr. Dream

Host: Kelly Sullivan Walden

As much as we might like to think we’re invincible—lone wolves who can brave the wilderness of life alone—the truth is, our longing for belonging is hardwired into our DNA. Since we are a relationship-centric species, our nocturnal dreams are revealing out best strategies to survive and thrive in the jungle of romantic love. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, today’s show is dedicated to answering questions from listeners.

Courageous Aging With Dr. Ken Druck

Diane Ray, Unity Online Radio host

Be Present: The Diane Ray Show

Host: Diane Ray

Your best years are ahead of you! Give up the destructive biases that have to do with age and embrace getting older as a time of new beginnings—not endings. Dr. Ken Druck talks with Diane Ray about aging courageously.

The Creative Spirit in Community: The Power of Circles

Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon, Unity Online Radio host

Creative Spirit

Host: Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon

Ronita Johnson is a circle practitioner, certified integral coach, speaker/facilitator, creative artist, author, and elder. She is also a founding convener of The Millionth Circle, and has led circles at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women; the Parliament of World's Religions in South Africa, Barcelona, and Salt Lake City; Omega Institute; Findhorn; and numerous circles across Europe, Africa, South America, Indonesia, and the United States. In this fascinating interview, find out how community can be created and sustained in the sacred container of circles.

Love of Family With “Raise Vegan” CEO Emily L. Wood and Editor in Chief Clare Chartrand

Victoria Moran, Unity Online Radio host

Main Street Vegan

Host: Victoria Moran

Two of the forward-thinking women behind today’s hottest vegan magazine for moms and dads, Emily and Clare will riff on what it’s like to raise little vegans in 2019.