Message of Hope

What We Do

Message of Hope is a Unity outreach program. Funded solely by donations, Message of Hope shares the assurance of God's love and grace by providing free spiritual materials to those in need. Unity extends support to individuals in various care settings and to those experiencing hardship. Message of Hope also serves persons with blindness or visual impairments, offering free spiritual resources in braille, on CD, in digital format, and an online braille library.

Chaplains, administrators, and volunteers often contact Unity to request spiritual materials that will inspire hope and encouragement in those they serve. After an application process, Message of Hope offers nondenominational spiritual materials, at no cost, in English and Spanish.

Who We Serve

Message of Hope serves four main audiences:

Health Care Organiations Health Care Organizations

Hospitals, cancer centers, doctors offices, women's shelters, recovery groups, and hospice centers.

Correctional FacilitiesCorrectional Facilities

Jails, prisons, and halfway houses.

Individuals in Financial NeedIndividuals in Financial Need

Eligible individuals receive a one-year gift subscription to Daily Word® magazine.

Visual ImpairmentsIndividuals With Blindness/Visual Impairments

Daily Word magazine is available in braille or on CD at no cost, along with spiritual books and prayer-support letters.

How You Can Help

Your contributions help Unity bring comfort to thousands in distress or in need of hope. This service is possible through generous donors who share our mission to ensure that those facing tough challenges are spiritually fed.

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