We are in an age of great change … corporations are streamlining their workforces … industries are either being eliminated or are moving into new fields. … Jobs once considered to be secure are being eliminated. Many workers are being faced with … retraining for new fields of work [or] … launching out in entrepreneurial endeavors, calling for faith and vision and the need to tap into the universal flow of substance.

The Art of Knowing

Have you ever watched a child take its first wobbly, insecure steps? The little legs move forward, hesitantly at first, and the child sometimes tumbles to the floor. But he continues to put forth effort and his steps gradually become more firm and effective.

The quest of the Spirit is also a growing process. It is a training process. It requires steadfast effort and devotion. It requires action on your part. Start now to think of yourself as being everything you know you should be and want to be.

One Digit to Wealth

One Digit to Wealth

On my weekly radio show, Get Real, I presented a program on prosperity. In advance I announced that I would be doing on-the-air coaching for listeners who wanted help with issues of abundance. Since prosperity is so relevant for most people, I expected to receive lots of call-ins.

Abundant Living

Abundance is not a condition, but an attitude. Consider the often-asked question: “Is the glass half empty or half full?” How you answer can readily give you an idea of your prosperity consciousness.

In his book Spiritual Economics, Eric Butterworth explains, “The word prosperity comes from the Latin root which literally translates: ‘according to hope' or ‘to go forward hopefully.' Thus it is not so much a condition in life as it is an attitude toward life.”