The Bible

Gratitude in Action

Jesus taught us to look beyond what our five senses tell us to the realm of Spirit, or the invisible, and to give thanks for what we know is present even though we might not be able to see it. Blessing something with the power to confer goodness is another way of saying “thank you” in advance.

How to Succeed Every Time

Nothing is too good for you as a child of God! When you realize this completely, you will be ready to claim all your heart's desires. …

The Bible is full of success stories. Many people became leaders of multitudes and achieved great wealth and power. Others found healing and answers to their problems. Still others learned to make that all-important contact with the “still small voice” within and were thus able to accomplish whatever was required of them as God's channels.

The Sower

The Sower

Throughout the ages, the great thinkers, philosophers, and spiritual masters have talked about a higher realm of awareness within us—a state of mind, a way of thinking, a type of perception—where we experience the ultimate sense of well-being. The Buddhists call this higher realm of awareness Nirvana. They describe it as being like a gentle breeze that finds all things worthy of caress. The Hindus consider this awareness a mystical union with Brahman, their chief God. The Zoroastrians call it paradise, and they say the loveliest becomes lovelier.

What Prayer Can Do for You

What Prayer Can Do for You

Prayer is for anyone and everyone. It is a natural inclination of the child or of the adult.

It is not a strange, fanatical, or emotional approach to a problem, but a quiet, Christlike attitude that looks for the good in everything and everyone. It is an attitude of heart and mind that knows there is a good outworking for every challenge.

Prayer is not a mystical activity reserved only for those who feel inclined to express themselves religiously. It is a simple, normal activity of the mind and heart of everyone who desires to be a better person, to understand life and living, and to live more richly.