Gratitude in Action

Jesus taught us to look beyond what our five senses tell us to the realm of Spirit, or the invisible, and to give thanks for what we know is present even though we might not be able to see it. Blessing something with the power to confer goodness is another way of saying “thank you” in advance.

The Answer Will Come

The deep desire within your heart, dear friend, is now in the process of coming into expression. Although it is not yet visible or tangible in your life, you can help yourself find peace about it by saying quietly and with conviction: “It will come. It will come.”

Instead of dwelling on the appearances that seem to hinder and obstruct the fulfillment you desire, give your complete attention to the simple conviction, “It will come.” Turn your thoughts to these three little words each time any negative or limited feeling arises.

Fostering Forgiveness

We have all experienced moments when we felt joyously and exuberantly free. Perhaps this feeling accompanied a particular success or achievement. Often it comes unexpectedly, for no apparent reason. … In this moment of freedom, our earthly worries and fears seem to suddenly fade into insignificance and a confidence arises, a sense that everything is possible. … Life is no longer finite. Instead, a great wave of magnanimity floods our being, a wave that rolls in on an ocean of generosity and compassion.

Gay is a Gift

Gay is a Gift

In January of 2009, Oprah Winfrey devoted an hour of her daytime talk show to exploring spirituality. … The episode featured a panel of spiritual teachers, including Rev.d Ed Bacon, a rector of All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, California.

During the broadcast, the panel answered questions from audience members and those video-conferencing from home. One of those home callers, a 33-year-old gay man from Atlanta named Sedrick, explained how growing up in a Christian home in rural Alabama caused him to see his sexuality as a hindrance in developing a fulfilling spiritual life.

In response, Rev. Bacon said simply and lovingly, “Being gay is a gift from God.”