I Wonder

Studying Unity principles is not about learning to become something wonderful. It is a process of realizing who we already are. For this reason, I always hold that my “work” with the youth at Unity of Buffalo is not about teaching the children anything at all.

Instead, my hope in sharing Unity principles with the young is that as the kids grow into adulthood they will continue to be uniquely and joyfully who they are.

Child Flower

The flower that is the human face

Is fairest of all flowers to me,

For in its features I can trace

An aspect of divinity.


Here in this brow I sense the height

And subtlety and strength of thought;

As still as stars in pools of night

Compassion in these eyes is caught.

This mouth so ripe with rosebud words

Of truth and love has power in it

To make a music more than birds

Profoundly sweet and delicate.

What petaled beauty can compare

To the flower that is a human child?

The human flower of God is fair

Beyond all flowers that fill the wild.